5 Ways On How To Effectively Market Online Games

Casino marketing can get tricky. You do not want to appear as if you are promoting excessively while at the same time you want more people to play your Slots game. You have to come up with creative ways to market your game. If you have not yet come up with ways to market your slots game, don’t worry. We are here to help you. If you read through this article, you will be able to find affordable and valid marketing ideas you can use to ensure that more people know about your Slots game.

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5 Creative Ways to Market Your Slots Game

1. Content Marketing

The content marketing technique works for any business. To give your Slots games more exposure, you will need to focus on creating unique and engaging content. The content should have the ability to draw attention to your casino brand. When we tell you that you need to use content marketing to promote your Slots game, you are likely to ask yourself, “what kind of content am I supposed to create?” This is a valid question. Coming up with content ideas can be tough, especially when you are getting started. A good idea would be creating content that offers useful strategies players can use when playing slots games.

When creating content, you have to make it useful. Make sure that the content is not just directed to search engines. Ensure it has substance in it. You can even enrich the content with nice graphics which drive your points home.

Avoid creating content and then hoping that someone someday finds the content, reads it, and becomes interested in playing Slots games. You have to promote the content you create. While the famous quote “build it, they will come” could have gotten to you, sometimes, you can build it but they fail to come. Make sure you post your content to social media. Find forums where people who might be interested in Slots hangout and post your content to these forums. Also, do not forget to focus on SEO. If you write useful content and focus on improving your blog’s ranking in the search engines, you will be able to attract more people to your casino business.

Obviously, for you to create content, you need a blog. Put a lot of effort into making sure your blog is appealing. Do not forget that most people nowadays use their mobile phones to view content online. Make sure that the blog you create is mobile responsive. If the content readers have to keep scrolling from left to right and then left again in order to read the full sentences, they will get bored with your blog and leave. Once they leave, your chances of getting them back will diminish.

2. Offer Signup Bonuses

When people feel that there is something in it for them, they will be much more likely to be interested in the Slots game. Make it clear that there is no specific stake minimum required for the customer to get the signup bonus. Novice casino customers can be deterred if the offers have a specific stake term.

Remember that you are offering the signup bonuses in order to attract more players. You are not offering these offers for the sake of being charitable to potential players. You have to ensure that the players are not taking advantage of your offers. You have to take precautions to make sure that the players are not using different signup details in order to get the same sign-up bonus multiple times. If you allow this to happen, you will seriously harm your Return on investment (ROI). The easiest way to combat this is by making use of a stringent customer data verification system. Ensure that the verification system is friendly. You wouldn’t want to make the whole sign-up process too complicated such that the players will end up leaving without signing up.

You need to test different player acquisition channels and change your offer according to each acquisition channel. Testing different bonus offers on different acquisition channels has the potential of lowering the cost per acquisition significantly. It can also help improve the overall performance of the marketing technique.

3. Organize Casino Tournaments

One extremely effective strategy for marketing the MG Slot game that most casinos ignore is organizing tournaments. In casino tournaments, you make it possible for gamblers to go ahead and compete for huge prizes. The fact that casino players get the chance to compete against other players while eyeing a huge sum of money make the casino games interesting. This means that tournaments have the ability to attract a large number of professional MG slots players. This can only give your casino more exposure. What is even better is that by holding regular tournaments, you will be able to convert some of the players who visit your casino on the day of the tournament into loyal customers.

When organizing tournaments, you need to be careful. You need to conduct an analysis to make sure that when you hold a tournament in order to promote your slots games, you won’t end up on the losing side. Know which days are profitable and focus on holding the tournaments only on those days. Make sure that when you hold a tournament, you are not throwing your hard-earned money away in the name of promoting your business.

4. Mobile Marketing And Emails

Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, people, especially millennials, are preferring to do almost everything on their mobile devices. We have already talked about this under the content marketing strategy. What this tells you is that mobile marketing can be extremely effective in helping your Slots game gain more exposure. One of the easiest ways to reach out to slots game players would be through SMS messaging. There are numerous reasons why you should use mobile marketing. Some of these include:

  • You will be able to send highly-targeted communication.
  • You can reach an audience that is highly engaged.
  • Mobile marketing does have a high ROI.

Email Marketing

According to Forbes, the average individual checks his or her email 15 times within a period of 24 hours. Email apps are available on smartphones. This makes the use of email marketing to reach out to Slots players a great marketing strategy.

You can leverage your content marketing to collect email addresses. You can encourage your readers to subscribe when they visit your blog. After subscribing, you can send the subscribers interesting newsletters. Avoid overwhelming your subscribers with too many emails promoting your Slots games. If you send too many emails whose aim is to promote your casino, you will end up boring them. Instead of becoming interested, they will start thinking of unsubscribing. Instead of too many promotions, send your customers what can be considered to be useful information.

5. Affiliate Marketing And Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Maybe you are not very familiar with affiliate marketing. We will define it for you. Affiliate marketing refers to an arrangement you make with an external website where you pay the website owner some commission in exchange for the sales or traffic generated from the website’s referrals.

While in other industries affiliate marketing may differ, in the online gaming industry, the affiliates are usually gamers themselves. They usually have a lot of experience as casino users themselves. These affiliates usually offer truthful and helpful information to their readers. This often results in them gaining their readers’ trust. This increases the chances of them driving traffic to your online casino.

The people who end up on your online casino have been reading about Slots on a third-party website and out of their own volition, they decided to click the link to your online casino. This indicates that there is a very high likelihood of the visitors signing up. If you have nice bonuses, you may increase their chances of signing up even more.

Affiliate marketing is effective for various reasons. These include:

  • The payment is always based on the performance – You only pay after seeing the results. Since affiliate marketing focuses on performance, you are always guaranteed a high Return on Investment (ROI). Affiliate marketing always gives you traffic that is 100% relevant.
  • Its progress is measurable – When focusing on marketing, you will always want to know whether the money you are spending is offering you any value. Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) is the only way to know whether the marketing strategy you have employed is effective or not. Affiliate marketing allows you to calculate and compare the amount you have invested with the amount you have generated from the investment.
  • Simple tracking – As long as your affiliate system is effective, you will be able to determine how different affiliates are performing. This information will help you adjust your affiliate marketing program accordingly.
  • Online presence and reputation – Good reputation is one of the characteristics of successful affiliates. Being advertised on websites which have a great reputation will give your casino both credibility and fame. This will strengthen your brand.

Social Media Marketing

According to Statista, it is estimated that there will be approximately $2.77 billion social media users by the time we reach 2019. This makes social media one of the best places to market the Slots game. When done right, social media marketing can help you gain a large number of slots players. On top of allowing you to reach out to professional gamblers and people who may want to become gamblers, you also get the chance to address any complaints your players may be having.

The three main social media platforms you should focus on are:

  • Facebook – This has billions of users. It will allow you to publicize events and even new games. The problem with Facebook is the limited reach. Even if your casino page already has hundreds of thousands of followers, any post you add to the page will only reach a few people. If you want it to reach more people, you will have to pay.
  • Twitter – Twitter is another social media platform that can help you interact directly with your customers. Twitter can be extremely effective when it comes to promoting links. The limitation is that the message you post is very limited. However, you can get creative and use an infographic.
  • Instagram – This social media allows you to get visual with your promotion. It is the reason it is considered “the social network for photos”. The young generation who might be interested in Slots usually hangs out on Instagram. The social media does not limit the description you add together with your image. However, it does not allow its users to add links.

Simple Tips To Make Your Marketing Effective

There are some simple tips which can help you gain more value from your marketing strategies. These include:

  • You need to know your audience – This will help you to use the right strategy for the right audience.
  • Always listen to players – This will help you know what they want. When you offer the players what they need when marketing your Slots game, you will get them to sign up.
  • Timing is key – Make sure that you time your content well. The content should be relevant to what is happening currently. For example, an advertisement intended for use during Christmas should feature Santa.
  • Keep your Ads interesting – If you use the same Ad over and over, people will get bored. You need to keep things interesting by refreshing your material.

If You Do Your Marketing Right, You Can Win Yourself More Slots Players

For you to attract Slots players, you need to market your games. We have shown you some of the best strategies you can use to market your Slots games. Keep in mind that not all of them will work for you. You need to experiment with the strategies we have shared to determine which one will work. The best marketing strategy should be the one that generates the biggest ROI (Return on Investment).

If you are interested in even more business-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels then we have a lot to choose from.

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