6 Companies We Have A Love Hate Relationship With [Infographic]

My hairdresser, who is an entrepreneur, once told me that he is only as good as his last haircut. In other words, his customers (even the ones who have been going to him for years) would switch hairdressers immediately if he made a big mistake. That’s how consumers are. We are finicky, and since we have a lot of options, there is no room for loyalty when a brand or company makes us angry. We have a love hate relationship with a lot of companies.

When I think of my own love hate relationships with companies, the first one that comes to my mind is Facebook. There are so many reasons to both love and hate Facebook, and I think many people would agree with me. According to an article published on Huffington Post last month called 5 Most Hated Companies In America, there is a lot that goes into whether we love or hate a company. It also depends on whom you ask. I’m sure the employees of Facebook have a different opinion about it than the investors.

In this infographic called Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em: Top U.S. Companies For Investors by GreatBusinessSchools.org, our love hate relationship with companies is laid out in an interesting way. First they list 3 companies that Americans say they hate but investors love. Then they list 3 companies that Americans love but investors should be wary about.

When I look at this list of 6 companies, it’s interesting that I feel an emotional response to each one of them. From a branding perspective, the psychological response we have to a brand is intriguing. You have to wonder if they set out to create those responses, or if it is always a result of cause and effect. Regardless of all that, I hope you enjoy this one!

6 Companies Users & Investors Have A Love Hate Relationship With

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Header Image: [Battelle Media]