6 Customer Loyalty Programs For Small Businesses

Do you know a method that could keep repeat business? – As a business owner, you use different strategies to gain and retain customer loyalty. Besides, you can take advantage of customer loyalty programs to maintain customer loyalty.

If you are a small business owner, then you need to ensure that you are creating a profitable loyalty program. By doing so, rest assured that you can make your customers happy while keeping your company profitable.

With the help of customer loyalty programs, you can have a cheap way to increase both customer retention and sales. These programs are helpful in preventing customers from visiting your competitors. You can use them to increase the customers’ number of purchases each year. Meaning, all your time and money are worth it as they give you fewer lost customers and greater profits.

One of the best things about customer loyalty programs is that you can create your own program based on your budget and small business needs. While you may have no resources to create an application, you can take advantage of the basic system.

Below are the top six customer loyalty programs designed for small businesses.

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1. Punch Card

If you are into the most basic loyalty programs, then it is best for you to make a punch card. Punching card is ideal for restaurants or salons since it is effective in encouraging customers to return a number of times.

This customer loyalty program lets you figure out whether the reward is according to the dollar amount spent by every visitor to buy several times a single product. For instance, a particular punch card offers a free sub for every 10 slices of chocolate cake or a 20% discount on total hair treatment service.

What makes it a basic option? It is a basic option due to its requirement of printing out the cards in order for you to launch and manage a customer loyalty program. Besides, there’s no need for you to maintain any software since you are free to print another set of cards if you need so. Not only that, but you can also keep track of the reward cards to minimize the work.

2. Custom Mobile App

Do you want to integrate a more advanced customer loyalty program to your small business? If so, then a custom mobile app is worth the try. Don’t worry, customizing an app is not an expensive option. There are plenty of programs that can match your budget and allow you to make an application with custom functions. Above all, no need for you to gain any coding knowledge just to make your desired app.

You can make use of a template format to put in your business-specific information, artwork, and branding. Make sure to put the relevant information into the fields before customizing it. If you find the looks satisfying, the program will then turn into a working app that is compatible to Android and iOS devices.

3. Scannable Membership Cards

If a punch card is not your thing, then you can offer some scannable membership cards. This hybrid model of the customer loyalty program offers customer cards along with digital membership benefits. With reward cards, your customers will have a physical reminder that they are part of the program. These cards work by swiping or scanning as well as they can record purchase information with the help of point-of-sale-system.

Another interesting thing about Scannable Membership Cards is that they can be linked to the phone numbers of the customers. This means that they can use the card even if they do not bring it with them. This option provides a great convenience to your business and customers since the cards can generate data that can be tracked in your database.

4. “Membership Only” Option

What makes customer loyalty programs essential to your small business? These programs can make your customers feel special while encouraging them to patronize your brand because you can cater to their needs and make them feel important. If your customers become part of an exclusive club, they can feel they belong to a certain community and enjoy benefits that other customers cannot.

Compared to the email blast, this option is a bit more refined. That is because your goal is to reward the prospects who signed up for the program that comes with incentives or special discounts that other reward programs lack. In case you are planning to invest in custom rewards, it is recommended to add an advanced tier according to the different levels of customers.

5. Special Rewards Via Email

Many small business owners used to send out physical mailers along with coupons to a number of prospects, hoping that they will end up with a reasonable response rate. While they can directly target potential customers using the provided address, they need to deal with expenses and fail to have a generated return rate.

Fortunately, emails are considered to be less expensive and provide more sense than physical mailer campaigns in terms of rewarding customers. You can encourage customers to sign up for special offers and news passively. Plus, you can provide them a signup sheet or try putting out a book telling the people to give their email address to you to get special deals.

By keeping your reward programs, you can easily encourage your target customers to join the program and enjoy your special offers. Not only that, but you can also try sending your customers within the loyalty email list exclusive rewards, including special sales and birthday items.

6. Swarm Or Foursquare Reward

Do you have no idea how to build a reward system? If so, you can always take advantage of companies that provide different forms of rewards for customers. For example, you can choose Swarm or Foursquare as it allows you to provide customers with rewards for checking in.

Mind that using a third-party may cause some challenges like keeping up with trends. However, rest assured that customers who use your system will grow significantly in just a matter of a few months.

So, which among the customer loyalty programs will match your business needs? Let us know in the comment section.

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