6 Reasons Startups Should Opt For Co-Working Office Spaces

If you have a growing startup that requires more hands or there is a need for you to meet with clients, your home office may not be a suitable option. Your employees should have a working space that encourages them to work efficiently and productively. Organizing an office space so that everyone can communicate easily can be challenging since it would have to allow each employee to work as part of a group. However, many people would do anything to encourage teamwork and productivity, which is why they look for a budget office in NYC that can help improve their business. Teamwork is essential for any company to evolve with a common goal. Also, you risk burnout because you might find it difficult to separate your work life and your home life.

However, if you can’t afford office space, you can’t take calls at your local coffee shop because the place is always noisy, or you can’t focus on complex work, then, I suggest you consider co-working. Freelancers, small business owners, remote workers and even some popular companies such as Uber and Wander Fly use or have used a co-working environment. If you’re not yet convinced about using a co-working office space, here are six reasons that might change your opinion.

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1. Provide A Cure For Startup Blues

The truth is, the life of a startup can be hard psychologically. There will be times when you’re in doubt and times when you’re working late into the night while your friends are out having fun.

During these times, having a group of smart, dedicated and hard-working people around you can be of tremendous help. Most times they would have faced and conquered the challenges you’re currently facing. So, they can help you solve the problems with their own experience.

Also, they can guide on how to take care of small details which you may have overlooked when trying to establish your startup. Without having this kind of help, you may find it very difficult to grow.

2. New Levels Of Networks Can Be Developed

Though the dominant demographic in co-working spaces are young people, but they come from diverse industries. Apart from tech startups, there are startups in video production or private law practices too.

When you’re using co-working spaces, you can be sure that you will meet these people and there’ll be opportunities for collaboration with them. Apart from collaborating on business, you get to learn from them and might even become best friends with whom you share beers on Friday, attend a yoga class, go out on lunch or even attend one another’s symposiums.

3. Provide You With Some Of Your Basic Needs

Since co-working companies understand what most startups need, they offer various services to fulfil these needs. For example, they can help you with your account needs or provide you with the opportunity to pitch in the presence of potential investors in your startup. Don’t forget that you can always seek help from your neighbor in situations when the company is unable to meet your needs.

4. Affordability

Regardless of your budget, there are office spaces for rent that you can afford. Though it is costlier than stealing Wi-Fi at a coffee shop (the spaces are measured per-square-foot), a co-working office space is more affordable than an office lease in the long-term.

5. Easily Scale Up When The Need Arises

If there is a need for you to employ additional staff to meet the demands of a peak period, co-working office spaces have the facilities to match your needs. They can adapt to your needs better than a traditional office.

Even if there is a need for you to reduce your staff strength, there’s room for you to do so. Research shows that employees prefer to work in a co-working environment as they enjoy being in that environment.

6. Better Facilities Than A Home Office

There are various distractions (such as noise) that can have a negative impact on your productivity. But with co-working spaces, all you need is high-speed Wi-Fi connections, enough desk space, functional furniture and lots of power sockets.

Also, there are various co-working space options available nowadays. If you need to work privately (no interaction with anybody), you can use the private office space option. But if you prefer to work and interact with other co-office space owners, you can use the shared work environment.

Before you sign up with any co-working office space, check out different ones to determine which of them is suitable for your needs.

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