6 Ways To Cut Down On Your Bills This Month

Bills, bills, bills. It seems to be everything everyone talks about and it can stress you out when you know that money is tight. Saving money is hard to do when you are constantly having to pay for utilities, your phone, car, and your housing. So you need to find ways to buck this stress.

Cutting down on your bills is a goal that can be achieved quite easily if you go about it with a plan in place. If you do not have a plan, then today is your lucky day. These 6 ways to cut down on your monthly bill costs will help you financially.

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1. Stay In And Cook

Eating out at restaurants or grabbing fast food can start to add up. It might seem cheap at the moment, but it can really put a dent in your overall monthly budget. Staying in and cooking is much cheaper and helps you learn to cook better too. You can also save money buying in bulk, rather than expensive name brands. Rice, vegetables, and other cheaper ingredients can be bought for cheaper this way.

2. Use Less Electricity

Your utility bills are going to take up a lot of money depending on your activity at home. If you have tons of appliances running at once, your electrical bills are going to look bad. If you want to save electricity at home, simply turn off appliances when you are not using them and unplug them as well. Video game consoles, toaster/toaster ovens, blenders, and power bars can be unplugged or turned off at night or when you are away to save money. Even switching to LED or fluorescent light bulbs can save a little extra money.

3. Walk Or Bike Instead Of Driving

Car payments are unavoidable as you need to keep up with insurance to be able to legally drive your car, but you can still save some money through your car. Driving less can often decrease the cost of insurance for safe driving bonuses, which, while a long term saving technique, still allows you to cut down on expenditures. Similarly, biking or walking is great exercise and reduces the amount of gas you use, money that goes right back into your pocket instead of your gas tank.

4. Cancel Unused Subscriptions

You would be surprised at how many people, yourself included possibly, who are subscribed to paid services and hardly or never use them. Again, like a fast-food purchase, it is small by itself but adds up over time. Unused streaming subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, or gaming services can end up costing up to $50 a month, which could be used for necessities. So check your subscriptions and cancel whatever you have not used in the last few months.

5. Cut Out Cable And Bundle Your Internet

Cord-cutting has become a popular term over the last few years as younger people move away from traditional TV services. You might enjoy TV, but ask yourself how many of those channels you actually watch? If you are only watching a few, you might want to consider streaming them instead of paying for a bunch of filler.

Likewise, you can bundle your internet and cable if you are not going to cut the cords, which is a great way to keep costs down. Even your internet services might be more than you need so it is not a bad idea to find a more suitable internet plan for your lifestyle.

6. Pay Off Your Credit Card And Tuck It Away

Your credit card debts might be a big source of stress when it comes to your monthly bills. If you can, pay them off in full then tuck it away to prevent yourself from spending with it and accumulating more debt. Credit cards are good because they allow you to spend on things you need when you do not have the money, but some people treat it like it is free money, which you obviously know is not true. After resolving any outstanding credit card bills, some people go as far as to freeze the card in water in their freezer so they know not to touch it.

Cutting down on your monthly bills helps free up more money for your necessities and helps you start to save and invest for your future. The problem is that many of these monthly expenses start to add up and the pressure to afford it all can be demoralizing. Using these 6 simple tips, you can find easy ways to help relieve yourself of that bill stress and start thinking about useful ways to use your money.

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