What You Should Consider When Purchasing A New Car

Looking to purchase a new car? Then read on to discover the factors you need to consider before you make your purchase. In order to make a wise decision, the following factors will definitely help you make a sound investment.

Your Purchase

Of course first and foremost you’ll be considering the actual cost of your new car at the point of purchase. Money Saving Expert gives some great advice when looking to save on purchasing a new car, including being mindful of the time of year at which you make your purchase. [pullquote]Look out for quarterly sales in March, June, September and December, as dealers are looking to meet their sales targets.[/pullquote] Of course, some makes and models will always cost more than others, but consider what you need and don’t pay for extras from which you won’t reap the benefits.

However hand-in-hand with the purchase price is the on-going cost of your car throughout its lifetime. Remember that some cars may cost more, to begin with, but cost you less in the long-term, such as hybrid cars for example. There are many ways you can save money buy investing more in the beginning.

Your Tax

Remember that the tax rules changed recently and that there are tax benefits for those driving cars with low or no emissions. You will pay no road tax if your vehicle has no emissions and costs less than £40,000, so factor this into your car purchasing decisions. Cars costing over £40,000 pay significantly more tax whatever their emissions, so be mindful of this.

Your Fuel

Also, give a thought to the fuel type you’ll use and the type of journeys that you regularly undertake. The Vehicle Certification Agency has some useful information regarding fuel consumption, emissions, and tax for you to consider. Diesel cars can work well if you regularly drive long distances, but if you make a lot of shorter journeys, a hybrid vehicle might suit you best.

Your Maintenance Costs

Of course, some cars will cost more to maintain than others, and this is an important factor to consider when making your purchase. But you can also make savings by looking after your car, getting to know your owner’s manual, being mindful of any dashboard messages that occur and having regular services. Don’t skip the latter as you’re likely to end up paying heftier bills as a consequence.

Your Insurance

A significant cost of running a car is your insurance policy. Don’t just automatically take out insurance with your current provider, take some time to consider your options and think about what you need to be included in your policy. It might be that there are added extras you want to be included (like the cover for driving abroad) or conversely extras you’ve paid for but never used, like lost key cover or legal protection. Give thought to your excess too, as raising your excess could cut your premium costs, just be mindful of the fact that should you ever make a claim, you’ll need to pay that excess. So do shop around, but bear in mind that price comparison websites don’t show all insurance providers, to ensure you get the best deal speak to a car insurance broker to find the right policy for your specific needs.

So there you have a few things to consider when purchasing a new car, we hope you’ve found it useful and that you’ll buy your new car confident that you’ll get the best deal.

Tips & Factors To Consider When Buying A New Car

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