6 Ways To Lower Health Care Costs In USA

Health care in America is obviously off-the-charts. But why is it so bad that the whole world knows about it? Well, according to research conducted, it is said that costs are to rise at-least by 5.5% every year. That’s insane. However, what do we do to make sure that everyone is able to afford at least basic healthcare in the states? The answer is of utmost importance to all U.S residents. The ones that suffer the most because of the issue are the adults ranging from 50-60 years of age. Obviously, during retirement, they are unable to sustain through healthcare with pension money alone. Let’s look at six ways to help reduce one of America’s biggest problems.

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1. Keep People Informed

Many healthcare consumers have noticed that a certain treatment cost is different at different places in the same city. Why is that? Well, healthcare providers are not doing a good job of telling consumers about costs pertaining to local areas which often leaves them uninformed (and out of money from paying unnecessary expensive medical bills). Although this is the state of America whereas other countries are way above in this game. Doctors of the world have huge notices in their offices and clinics. This allows visitors to check all the respective prices and move according to their budget.

2. Give Consumers Power

The real sad part of all these issues is that the consumers feel powerless against it. And that’s definitely not something to be proud of. Think about all the senior citizens! A solution would be to allow consumers to feel like they have a say in things. After all, their wallet is on the line and so is their health. It is when America’s healthcare unit understands the needs of self-care of the consumers that this problem will begin to change.

3. Unnecessary Tests

Stop with all the useless tests! Of course, some medical tests are important and shouldn’t be avoided. But according to research, about 42% of consumers endure unnecessary tests every year. It’s obvious why this needs to stop. We’ll be doing both the consumers and their bank accounts a favor.

4. Competition Step Up

A little bit of healthy rivalry never hurts anyone. This should be the case with medical facilities as well. Local competition is quite less among hospitals and clinics. Competition is necessary to reduce the crazy costs that are being paid. Doctor practices have been consolidating; therefore, the number of hospital merges have been up there. That’s not what we need.

5. Singaporean Way

According to facts, Singapore spends less than 5% of GDP on Healthcare. In comparison, the U.S spends more than 17% which is insane. So how do we implement the Singaporean way in the U.S? One way would be to provide consumers an insurance policy that is nonprofit in nature. This way they would get insurance for situations they can’t actually pay for and not for little things. Medishare in the US can be considered as an attempt to do this. However, Medishare is not an insurance policy. If you are thinking about it, you better check out Medishare pros and cons.

6. Statewide Pricing

This is a more in-depth solution to our first point on this list. Creating a one-stop-shop for healthcare is the way to go. Having this sort of center will actually bring out all the cheaters in the town. It’s a solution and a red-handed crime scene at the same time. So, if there’s a provider you’ve been using that is ripping you off, you’ll know.

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