7 Creative Ways To Brand Your Small Business

A solid brand is the number one way to make sure people remember your name and/or small business. Without branding, a business has no “image” for people to recognize, which means they have no reason to trust your business. However, this doesn’t mean having a meeting-by-committee, or even seeking the advice of expensive consultants. Here are 7 creative (and inexpensive) ways you can spread your brand’s image to people.

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1. Entice Ideal Customers

Word of mouth is a fantastic advertising tool – and is basically free. A couple years ago, a construction site blocked off a few streets (to build a furniture store). Word soon spread that a law firm, specializing in workplace accidents and workers’ comp, went to the construction site and gave “the guys” some cool freebies (with their firm’s logo, of course).

2. Be Honest

Businesses—of all sizes—advertise themselves as “the best” in their industry. There is no way every business is the best. hat’s why one of the most creative ways you can brand your small business, is to simply be honest about what your products do and what services you offer. (The less you boast about your status, the better.)

3. Show Appreciation

Once, I ordered a book on Amazon. A few days later, the shipment arrived and I cracked open the book. A light-blue Post-it note stuck to the first page and read: “Thank you, Jacob! Happy reading.” Your existing customers choose you over your competitors for a reason – thank them for it.

4. Improve Customer Service

I recently ordered Bluetooth headphones (from a new seller) on Amazon. Problems happened days after receiving my item. To make up for it, they mailed me a more recent version of Bluetooth headphones – free of charge; they even said I could keep my original item. These newer headphones were more comfortable and had better-sounding quality. Always make sure your paying customers are satisfied, even if it means losing money, to turn them into lifetime-paying customers. (Which I will be.)

5. Make Videos

Look at local stores near you. How many of them create and share videos on Twitter or Facebook? Stand out from them. Social media is one of the “kingpin methods” of raising brand awareness. The upside is: videos can be recorded by your Smartphone. The downside is: the success rate depends on projecting a consistent image in every single video that’s congruent with your customers.

6. Redesign Your Logo

Hiring a professional logo designer will often present your business in a more professional light to customers – as opposed to a casual, “artistic” logo. On the same token, having an industry name design the logo for your brand may not be what your customers want. The key here is to design a logo and display that logo on items (such as custom t-shirts, coffee mugs, briefcases, etc.) that match your customers’ ideals.

7. Build A Blog

Blogs give you an opportunity to become an authority figure in your industry. By creating and sharing how-to explainer videos, written articles or interesting infographics about your particular expertise on your blog… you will be presenting your brand as the “go-to” option. Blogs also give you an opportunity to address common problems within your industry and help your customers solve them.

8. Conclusion

There is no doubt that your market is competitive and tough. People trust companies they recognize that do good deeds – thus solidifying that company’s brand in the memories of people. Follow these creative ways we’ve mentioned to cement your brand as a company worth doing business with.

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