7 Elements Of A Healthy Workplace That Attracts Top Talent

There’s a major shift going on in the employment industry right now. Between the “worker shortage” and the increase in the minimum wage, it’s getting harder to attract any employees, much less the top talent.

But your workplace deserves the best, not the dregs. And it’s the environment that can make it happen. Businesses have a reputation, whether it’s good or bad. That reputation gets out, and either attracts or repels potential employees. If you want the top job seekers to want to work for your company, make sure you offer these 7 healthy workplace elements.

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1. Flexible Roles

Remote work is everywhere today, and some people won’t settle for less. If it’s possible for your employee’s jobs to be flexible, there’s no reason for strict 9-to-5, in-office policies.

When an employee feels like they have some control over their work-life balance have higher job satisfaction. They’re happier with their work and more productive.

Consider offering flexibility in telecommuting and flexible hours. During busy seasons, companies may offset longer hours with shorter workweeks when it’s slow.

2. Benefits

Competitive pay is one thing, but what really attracts the top workforce is the benefits package. What do you offer that other companies don’t? For example, Google gives health insurance with 100% coverage for preventative and diagnostic care. Basic coverage maxes out around $2.5 million.

In addition to healthcare, loyal workers enjoy other benefits.  Parental leave policies, death benefits, retirement savings, and a bring-your-dog-to-work environment are attractive.

Your benefits don’t have to cost you a fortune to entice workers to come to your business. A healthy package includes things that make people look forward to their job, too. This could be as simple as redesigning the office space using EOT facilities.

3. Respect

There’s a philosophy of thinking that says how you treat the “lowest” workers reflects back on your character. In your workplace environment, is everyone treated with respect, regardless of their individual traits?

Diversity is huge. People look for an inclusive environment in which everyone’s differences are not tolerated but appreciated.

4. Vacation Time

Work hard, play hard should be the motto in your company. Some jobs put so much pressure on their employees that they feel guilty for taking the time off they are entitled to have!

What’s your company’s policy on days off and vacation time? You might need to revisit that section if you want to attract top talent. These hard-working individuals work hard while they’re on the clock and should be able to relax and enjoy their personal lives, too.

5. Sick Leave

Similar to vacation time, sick leave is another policy that attracts or repels workers. If your employee feels like they’re going to be reprimanded or fired for calling in sick, there’s a problem in your work culture.

This is especially true in the post-pandemic job world. Employers would rather their staff err on the side of caution rather than come in to work sick and contagious.

However, if they don’t have enough paid sick leave, you might have workers coming to their job sniffling, coughing, and sneezing anyway. If that’s going on regularly, it might be time to revamp your sick leave policy.

6. Professional Development

Basic employees are satisfied with going to work, getting paid, and heading home. Top talent want more. They want to feel like they’re constantly learning and growing.

What professional development is offered by your company? Is it enough to attract high-level workers to your job openings?

7. Job Recognition

Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean the most. People who work hard deserve to be recognized. In many businesses, management considers it to be “doing your job.”

But when lots of people aren’t stepping up or are doing the bare minimum, it’s essential to recognize those who are going above and beyond. Otherwise, you’ll lose them to another job where they feel appreciated.

To attract the top talent to fill your open positions, look at your work environment first. If you have these 7 signs of a healthy workplace, chances are, you’ll be able to land the cream of the crop employees. But if not, it could be time for a change.

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