6 Important Employment Tips For Active Job Seekers

For some people, job hunting comes easy. For others, it is a frustrating, dauntless experience. The reason that finding a job is easier for some people than others is because the people who find it easy know what they are doing when applying for jobs. If you know a few employment tips, you can be one of the job seekers who are successful.

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1. Make Yourself An Obvious Fit For The Job

If you apply for a job online, your resume will first be screened by an applicant tracking system. If your resume makes it past the tracking system, it will be looked at by an actual person. Typically, it will be reviewed by an entry-level human resources rep or a recruiter. If you want your resume to be good enough to warrant an interview, you should study the job description very carefully. Make sure that some of the words and phrases in your resume match those in the job description. If you are going to highlight your strengths in your resume, make sure that they are relevant to the job that you are applying for.

2. Online Applications Are Not Enough For Job Seekers

While it is a good idea to put your resume out there online, you shouldn’t stop there. If there is a company that you would like to work for, reach out to people who work for the company. You can make an appointment with an internal recruiter or other people who work for the company to ask questions. When you are on the company’s radar, it can help you when they are hiring. When you do send your resume, your name will sound familiar when the resumes are reviewed.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Update Your Resume Or Your LinkedIn Profile

Even though your resume looks and sounds perfect and your LinkedIn profile has been finely tuned, it doesn’t mean that they are perfect for the particular job that you are hoping to land. It is a good idea to tweak it often based on the job. You can use key terms and phrases, you can modify the working, and make any other changes that will help you get the job. If you have a job and you are looking for a new one but you don’t want your employer to know, make sure you turn off your activity broadcasters on your LinkedIn profile. To do this, just go into your privacy settings.

4. Be Professional, Yet Genuine

It is important to be professional and articulate during your job search, however, you don’t want everything to sound rehearsed. Giving all the right answers during an interview that you studied online will be discovered right away. You should also avoid using safe, common terminology in your resume. You want prospective employers to see you as a memorable, real person. Remember, they deal with hundreds, sometimes thousands of job seekers during each hiring process.

5. If You’re Not On LinkedIn, You Won’t Get Hired

In today’s social media world, you need to be on LinkedIn. Today, many recruiters use LinkedIn to find prospective employees. If a recruiter is looking on this site for employees in your area and you aren’t on LinkedIn, you aren’t going to get the job. They will contact someone who does have a profile and that person will be hired.

6. Thank You Goes A Long Way

If you interview for a job, the work doesn’t stop there. As soon as you leave the interview, you should write a personal, non-robotic thank you letter to everyone you sat down with during the interview. If it comes down to you and another person out of the hundreds of job seekers who applied for the job and they send a thank you letter and you don’t, the employer will be more impressed by them and they will likely be the one to get the job.

If you follow the tips listed above, your frustrating, exhausting job search will become a successful one.

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