7 Reasons To Use Microsoft Teams For Your Business

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration software from Microsoft Office 365 which is soon pervading the professional and business dimensions all across the globe. Working with your colleague can become so much more efficient and smooth with Microsoft Teams that you will never look upon any other collaboration platform again.

Let’s give you a better picture of how Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing the way teams meet and interact virtually.

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1. Flexible Meetings

Your team must be already using some sort of collaboration software for staying virtually connected while members work from home. But unlike any other software, Microsoft Teams has the added advantage of Skype integration, without the need of creating special meeting IDs and pins. Your team can always meet at the same platform, without any confusion or chaos.

Besides your scheduled meetings get automatically synced to the Outlook calendar, which ensures everyone in the team gets automatically reminded and can keep a track of the event.

Another convenient aspect of Microsoft Teams is its notes taking and sharing features. If you ever compare Microsoft Teams vs. Slack, you will notice that Microsoft Teams has a clear edge.

2. Well Organized And Efficient Files Sharing

A single project entails numerous documents, from their nascent drafts to the final version. When files are sent back and forth for edits and feedback, it becomes rather chaotic to keep track of conversation trails.

The conversations on Microsoft Teams are structured in the way they are on a messenger, but with the option of sending attachments. While sharing files and documents on Microsoft Teams, there is absolutely no confusion regarding which version has the latest amendment. Sent files are displayed on a separate tab, and stored on OneDrive. The best part is every member of the team can edit the document in real-time while other members observe the changes being made. That’s an absolute genius, don’t you agree?

3. Work Without Boundaries

Microsoft Teams can be worked on the desktop as well as from a mobile application. So there is absolute flexibility about when, where and how you connect with your colleagues. It’s all on the go and without much hassle. All features of the desktop are available on the mobile application to make your meetings seamless and user-friendly.

4. Enhanced Efficacy With Customization

With Microsoft Teams you are empowered to integrate a whole bunch of apps through the app store. These include popularly recommended apps like the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Sign, Planner and many more. Microsoft Teams is truly an unparalleled meeting platform, giving users the satisfaction of customized experience tailored to their project needs.

5. De-Cluttered Inboxes

Now that your conversations and files are sorted on Microsoft Teams storage, your email inbox can find some breathing space. Email chat trails will be a thing of the past, and your team can communicate within a fast-paced chat environment instead.

6. Pre-Meet And Post-Meet Collaborations

Meeting agenda and discussions held before and after the meetings can get all jumbled up and lost in the emails. With Microsoft Teams, as soon as a meeting is scheduled members can start chatting and discussing the agenda and other specifics or documents. The recording of your meeting is also available immediately after it is over, and can be accessed by all team members.

7. Microsoft Teams Is Already Packaged In Your Subscription

Microsoft Office 365 subscription is inclusive of the Microsoft Teams software. You don’t have to pay for further installations and your staff and colleagues can sync their other Office apps like OneNote and Skype. With no additional investment, your team’s productivity can increase manifolds with Microsoft Teams.

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