7 Best Uses Of Custom Pop Up Tents

Brands that rent pop up tents leave money on the table. This is because the branded pop up tents that are customizable are proven to be more effective at “reeling in” prospects and potential clients/customers. The use of customized canopies at trade shows and other events has shown incredible ROI numbers. Here are the 7 best uses of custom pop up tents.

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1. Target Customers

Radio stations, catering companies, sports teams, and military recruiters have all effectively used customized canopies. For a good reason: they simply work. That’s why the best way to use a custom pop up tent for your brand and business is to use it in a way that will intrigue and invite your ideal customers.

2. Set The Stage

Any business event that you’re at is your one chance to set the stage. This is because there are no second chances for making great impressions. That’s why one of the best ways you can use your custom pop up canopy tent is to always focus on “excitement.” There is nothing more boring than a company’s logo with the only text being either the company’s slogan or the website URL. Use custom tents to share your brand’s values – they are an extension of your brand awareness. Don’t be afraid to perform and give people something to remember.

3. Trade Shows

The main purpose of trade shows is to promote your business. Shopping you’re your custom canopy will mean it will be seen by audiences. Therefore, it’s important to hire a professional and experienced design team who are experts at brand creation design. The more that your brand and image are customer-focused, the stronger your relationships will be. We can all agree that without paying customers, our businesses would go belly up in no time flat.

4. Anniversary Sale

Anniversary sales are profitable business ventures if you’ve been in business for more than a few years. This is because they give you opportunities to promote the success of your business. Customers love sales – and give you a good time to educate potential prospects about your business.

5. Go Local

How many events are happening in your neighborhood? Do you know about any community-wide happenings that are going on in your region? Many local organizations and services host events and gatherings, often to support a cause, charity or other organization. Use custom tents to make your brand stand out at these events while building connections with people from your township.

6. Music Festivals

When was the last time you set up a tent at a music festival? Whether it’s local or out of town, most cities (both major and small) throw music festivals. By now, you should seriously invest in contacting the managers of festivals and think about setting up a tent at one. It will simultaneously give people a chance to relax, enjoying the sweet tunes under the inviting “umbrella” of your tent.

7. Farmers Markets

With the conscious shift towards locally-grown (and GMO-free) foods that haven’t been pumped full of Monsanto chemicals, farmers markets are all the rage these days. Custom printed canopies show your brand as a professional supporter of farmers markets – which will endear you to visitors.


Pop up tents are valuable – both to business owners and customers. Whether it’s for business or personal use, we’ve just covered some of the ways you can use them to your advantage. Whether custom canopies work for you or not depends on your commitment level to designing and “creating” the best pop up tent that represents your business.

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