7 Tips To Help Job Recruiters Find You Wherever You Are [Infographic]

Our world continues to get smaller as technology continues to get bigger, and now we can connect with almost anyone anywhere in seconds. If you are looking for a new job, it’s important to keep up with the new services and changes in technology and social media so you can stay competitive during your job search. Everyone knows that being active on LinkedIn is helpful, but there are plenty of other things you can do to help job recruiters find out about you and your skills.

As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is starting to show signs of age. I’m referring to the site and the people on it. I’ve read several articles that have analyzed the reasons why young professionals don’t like LinkedIn. In a recent article called Young People Hate LinkedIn, the author even goes so far as to call LinkedIn the “world’s largest professional network of older people.”

When it comes to helping job recruiters find new talent, it seems young professionals prefer using Twitter and an online resume. Services like Gozaik make it easy to create an online resume and do advanced searches on Twitter, which simplifies the process. These days, creating an online resume is really a must if you want to come across like you know what’s up.

This infographic called Top Secrets To Make Recruiters Find You by How To Write A CV has some helpful tips in it. Although I don’t think any of these are “top secret” like they call them, it’s still solid advice for anyone who wants to make themselves more visible to job recruiters. A few of them are a bit sneaky since it explains how to leverage your current job to find a new job. Good luck!

7 Tips To Help Job Recruiters Find You

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Via: [Young Upstarts] Header Image Credit: [Cato’s Domain]