7 Ways To Spend Less Money On Fuel

Most people don’t realize the power they have when it comes to buying fuel for their cars and other vehicles. It can feel like you are at the mercy of the ever-changing gas prices. And while yes, that will impact what you spend, you can do things that will help you conserve fuel and reduce your fuel costs in the long run. Here are 7 ways to spend fewer dollars on fuel.

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Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

The first thing you can do to save money on fuel is to keep your tires properly inflated. This will improve fuel economy and safety. Proper inflation ensures that you are not at risk of popping a tire from overinflation, or ruining the side walls from underinflation. It’s important to check tire pressure regularly because tires lose pressure over time due to normal wear and tear.

Try ECU Tuning Devices

ECU tuning is a process that changes the way your car’s engine runs. It can improve fuel efficiency and performance, but it also has some risks. When you’re looking to boost the performance of your car, including gas mileage, try ECU tuning. You would be amazed at what this tool can do for your car’s engine efficiency.

Stay On Top Of Engine Maintenance

When your engine is clogged up or your sensors aren’t working well, you will get worse gas mileage. You can start by checking the oil level to see if the oil looks clean or not. Get the spark plugs checked, cleaned, or replaced as well. Belts, hoses, and battery health can also impact the efficiency of your engine. In turn, this of course impacts your gas mileage.

Inspect your vehicle and use the proper oil as well. High mileage oil ensures that older engines get what they need without wearing out as quickly. You can even use engine cleaners in the gas tank. Be sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions on any additives you use in your engine.

Avoid Idling

Idling for no reason will cost you a ton of money in wasted fuel. Whenever possible, turn off your engine if you need to stay in your car and wait. Idling uses more fuel than turning off the engine, driving, and restarting it when you need to move or just turning off your car for good. Of course, when you are at red lights and stop signs, idling can’t fully be avoided if you want to go as soon as you are able.

Don’t Speed Up Too Quickly

Putting your foot too heavily on the gas can waste a lot of fuel. Instead, be sure to get into the habit of speeding up gradually. You’ll also want to drive the speed limit as these are often optimized for gas mileage. It’s said that 55 mph is the optimal speed for fuel efficiency, so as you go up or down in speed, you waste a little more fuel than you would at 55 mph.

Cut Down On Short Trips

Sometimes people run errands three or four times a day. When you want to spend less on fuel, try to consolidate your trips. This means trying to fit in errands when you are already out doing something else, or hitting up multiple places in the same car trip. When it comes to going to work, why not consider carpooling or ride-sharing instead of always driving your car alone? This can help everyone lower their fuel costs, and not just you.

Use Fuel Points From Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores offer fuel points when you buy your food and other items with them. Fuel points give you discounts on gas when you reach a certain number of points. You can save 10+ cents per gallon sometimes when you shop and buy fuel from the same store. This also goes for paying for a membership like Sam’s Club or Costco where you can get steep discounts on fuel with your membership fee.


There are many ways to save on fuel. By changing up some of your driving habits, you could save hundreds of dollars per year on gas for your vehicle – not to mention, keeping up on maintenance and also considering ECU tuning devices to improve engine performance.

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