7 Ways To Survive And Thrive As A Content Creator

The secret to success for any content creator is diversification. Well, the first secret is how to become a content creator. Second, whether you’re making a full-time living as an artist or musician, it’s not always easy to rely on revenue or clients. YouTube has made it more difficult when it comes to providing creators with ad revenue. Streaming services pay artists and musicians very little money.

How can content creators make money in order to survive? Most of them are finding various ways to make a living. It’s more important than ever to think of the various ways to monetize your art to survive and thrive on the Internet. Think outside of the box and embrace some of these additional revenue streams to monetize your art.

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Accept Online Donations

There are plenty of ways to accept online donations, depending on which site you use. Some of the most common sites include GoFundMe, Patreon, and PayPal Giving Fund. GoFundMe is a crowdfunding site in which you can raise money for a specific goal or cause. PayPal Giving Fund helps you attract new donors and get more donations for a specific cause or organization.

Patreon is a subscription service that makes it easy for artists and creators to receive money online. The purpose of this platform is that you attract a group of patrons who are willing to pay for your services on an ongoing basis. This model of crowdfunding has made it easier for creatives to make money online. There’s even donation software which makes it easy to accept online donations.

Monthly Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are one of the best ways for creators to make money and to keep in touch with their followers. They give your customers unique experiences centered around certain products and themes. You can introduce new products, and make the entire process fun and exciting.

A monthly subscription box provides you with a stable income through recurring monthly revenue that’s built for every niche. It’s perfect for beauty bloggers who want to launch their own skincare products or makeup kits. It’s also ideal for T-shirt designers to sell their merchandise to entice their fans. If there’s a demand for it, you can create a monthly subscription service around it. If you want to offer a monthly subscription box to your fans but you need some ideas, check out the box reviewers before you try it out.

Sell Prints

The great thing about this option is that you don’t have to be too creative to sell prints. There are all kinds of professional content creators on the Internet. Illustrators, graphic designers, painters, and visual artists can benefit from selling high-quality prints of their artwork. This increases your brand and opens you up to a new door of fans who weren’t able to see your artwork.

You can choose to print and sell directly to one marketplace or you can choose from several online marketplaces. Mint.com and Society6 make it easy for creators to sell their prints online. They only take a small commission from each purchase. Many of these online marketplaces allow you to create backpacks, scarves, and smartphone cases with your artwork.

Teach Online Classes

If you have a desire to teach, you may want to consider teaching online classes. More people are using the Internet to seek knowledge from online content creators. You can teach them the basics or push them to take their work to the next level. You can even teach them how to start their own online business.

Some content creators have transitioned their teaching into full-time work, launching online courses and paid membership services where people receive access to one-on-one training and private training. There is plenty of demand for knowledge in a particular skill. Crafters, graphic designers, painters, and photographers are just some of the creative outlets that have gained interest over the years.

Lead Workshops

Maybe you want to teach but you don’t like the thought of planning out an entire course. Or, you want to have more one-on-one interaction with your students. Teaching workshops would be your next best option. This is a desirable option for artists, musicians, photographers, and writers. Since Spotify and other online streaming platforms pay very little money, musicians are finding other ways to earn money and to survive.

Some musicians hold workshops in exotic locations and tailor the workshop to a certain theme. Workshops aren’t just limited to creative people. Are you a life coach or a yoga teacher? You could run workshops to help improve the lives of others. Think about your niche and what you can offer that’s unique. You may be able to organize workshops around your expertise and make money while traveling the world.

Book Speaking Engagements

If the idea of public speaking doesn’t freak you out, you may want to book public speaking engagements. Whether it’s for corporate events or blogging conventions, there’s a market for content creators to share the secrets of their online success. This can run in conjunction with a workshop, providing a full weekend of activities. Brainstorm some topics that would interest your students.

Look for local organizations you’d think would be interested in your ideas. Remember to think outside of the box, so you can book more public speaking engagements. If you’re a yoga teacher, contact spiritual and faith-based organizations who would be interested in hearing the cross-over between spirituality and wellness.

Skype Consulting Services

If you teach online courses, you should offer Skype consulting services. You can use these services to address the challenges that your students are facing. Brainstorm a list of topics and challenges that your students may address during your calls. You should also include a follow-up that can provide them with additional sources they can immediately use after your call.

Consider what kind of rates you want to set for your Skype consulting services. The going rate for most Skype sessions is $250 to $300 per hour. The above rates should cover the costs for the consultation as well as the support materials that your students will receive prior to the call. Try to create a flexible schedule that works with your students’ time frame. You should also offer weekends, evenings, and other negotiable times.

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