7 Workplace Security Tips For Employees

Workplace security has become the need of the hour with many crimes and accidents happening within the premise of offices. Employers try their best to keep the workplace safe with guards, CCTV cameras, fire extinguisher, etc. An employees’ proactive temperament in this regard can supplement the efforts of the employers and also avoid a lot of security breach. As an employee, you can take these steps to ensure workplace safety.

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1. Know Your Workplace

You should know your workplace in and out to be better aware of possible health hazards. The surroundings like proximity to any construction zone or important buildings and internal layout of your office, the position of emergency exits, danger zones are something you should be aware of from the beginning. Awareness keeps you mentally better prepared for a dangerous situation that may arise, and you can take the right steps.

2. Basic Security Requirements

Every company should have basic security requirements like surveillance security system, fire extinguisher, regularly maintained first aid box, properly secured building with safe doors, windows and emergency exits, etc. As an employee, you deserve security at a place where you spend most of your day. If there is lack or absence of any of the measures, then approach the responsible person to get them at the earliest.

3. Medical And Police Support

Medical emergencies happen in offices all the time, sometimes they can be fatal, the right action at the right time can save a life. Your office should have an arrangement with nearby hospitals or emergency rooms for instant medical support. Police support is also necessary since a lot of burglary and robbery takes place in office buildings. Moreover, employees should also have basic training to give first aid for immediate relief.

4. Panic Button

Panic button for office has become one of the most efficient measures for workplace security. During an emergency situation, it is not always feasible to get to the telephone and dial a number. In certain cases, like robbery, it may aggravate the situation and result in unwanted harm. Just the touch of the panic button can get authorities notified about the emergency situation and immediate help can prevent those situations from escalating. This one is a must-have.

5. Proper Use Of Tools

If your job profile includes working with tools or machines on a regular basis, make sure that you read its manual before you start operating it. Follow instructions properly every time you are on a machine or using a tool. Injuries from machines and tools are very common in factories, construction zones and wherever they are used. In such workplaces, it’s always recommended to stay on high alert all the time as potential danger lurks everywhere.

6. Emergency Contacts

Both personal and professional emergency contacts should be kept ready with the responsible person like H.R. or manager. Contacts of police, hospital or some doctor, fire department, security guard, if available should be kept readily available along with the emergency contacts of all employees in case something happens to them right in the office or on the way. Besides these steps taken by the company, employees should be also keeping those contacts handy.

7. Discuss And Suggest

If you as an employee ever feel that the security in your workplace is not up to the mark or there should be some special measures taken then feel free to talk to your employer or HR department about it. Take part in similar discussions if your company arranges those. You are an important part of the company, safety, and security of your workplace is your responsibility as well. Your hesitation today can give scope for risky situations tomorrow.

Follow these steps without a miss and stay alert and active in the office, and all other places too, that will keep you safe from a lot of mishappenings.

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