Office Inspiration – The Coolest Offices Around The World

Evidently, shiny perks and generous benefit programs are not the only things that will inspire an employee to stay and work with passion. Employees would also greatly appreciate an impressive office space that is both stimulating and inspiring. Being exposed to such an office for more than 8 hours a day will definitely inspire them to do more than their best. So, what do the coolest offices in the world look like?

According to Forbes, there are many office spaces across the world that offer an exquisite and creatively stimulating work environment. Here are a few of the coolest offices around the world.

Top Coolest Offices VMware World Image

Coolest Offices – VMware

The famous virtualization software creator, VMware has an office based in Palo Alto and it features a beautiful 105-acre campus. The office grounds are filled with lush greenery and more than 1,500 trees. To top things off, VMware even has an oasis and a skyway to further solidify the calm and inspiring work environment they created.

Top Coolest Offices GoDaddy World Image

Coolest Offices – GoDaddy

GoDaddy is known for hosting internet services and providing domains for those interested in starting up an online page. The product and service GoDaddy offers may not seem all that fun, thus making it seem like their office space would be a simple and ordinary one. However, that is not the case.

GoDaddy headquarters in California actually has Go karts. Yes, Go karts and employees are free to roam the office yelling out “vroom vroom!” The availability of the later in their office space is definitely a great way to release stress or even come up with an extraordinary idea while enjoying a go-kart ride.

Top Coolest Offices Riot Games World Image

Coolest Offices – Riot Games

Riot Games is famous for the popular video games they create, the most notable of which is League of Legends, which has already become a worldwide recognized eSport and has several annual tournaments as well. The video game characters that players have come to love are created in such an inspiring and stimulating office environment which may be partly responsible for the great quality of games that the company dishes out.

The Riot Games office in Los Angeles has a life-sized display of their video game characters, including Annie and her bear Tibbers from League of Legends.

Top Coolest Offices Activision Blizzard World Image

Coolest Offices – Activision Blizzard

World-famous video game maker Activision Blizzard is responsible for the many dedicated World of Warcraft players, as well as the competitive breed of FPS gamers courtesy of Overwatch. Yes, Blizzard is responsible for the birth of many popular video games including Diablo, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and the eternally popular World of Warcraft.

With all the amazing video games they have created over the years, one has to wonder what kind of office environment is responsible for the great minds that came up with these games. Apparently, Activision Blizzard has an office space in Santa Monica that is all about the games. They have rows of fancy computer rigs for their employees to use, perhaps to stimulate their game creating genius.

Indeed, there are many more amazing office spaces out there and the work they produce will surely be extraordinary. All the office spaces mentioned above carry widely-respected company names that have proven themselves in the industry time and time again. It goes to show that a wonderful office space is a key ingredient in inspiring employees to go beyond their limits and producing amazing results. Still, some employees resign, even if they have a great workplace and they actually love their job. Want to know why? Feras Antoon shows us some reasons in his article.

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