8 Types Of Difficult Clients & How To Handle Them [Chart]

If you have been a freelancer for any amount of time, whether you are a consultant of some kind or even a web designer, you have probably encountered difficult clients at one point during your career. It would be wonderful if everyone could communicate the same way, and if there were never any misunderstandings, but unfortunately that’s not the way it works. The question is, what is the best way to handle difficult clients?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want to take someone on like that in the first place. I know in this economy, beggars can’t be choosers so to speak, and we are all grateful for the work we have. However, you also have to think about your own wellbeing and happiness.

I’ve had clients before who could definitely be considered difficult clients. I have one now actually. He raises his voice and complains every time he calls me, and he calls me a lot. He ‘nickels and dimes’ every invoice I send him and always tries to get a big discount. It’s true he pays me every month, and I appreciate that, but I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it.

This chart from Central Desktop called The Usual Clients goes through 8 possible types of difficult clients. If you do decide to take these people on, this fun chart might help you when it comes to knowing how to deal with them. It’s so funny to me that these people are described this way on here. I wonder if they knew we thought they were difficult, if they’d still be that way. I guess we’ll never know the answer to that question. You can read more about this on Anatomy Of A Horrible Web Design Client.

8 Types Of Difficult Clients You May Encounter On Your Journey

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