3 Stellar Career Choices To Jump-Start Your IT Career

In 2017, the IT sector is the most exciting field of work in the entire employment market. Considering the rapid development of IT and the brand-new opportunities that come up, this is one career choice that is bound to keep you on the tip of your toes for a very long time. So, if you enjoy learning new things and taking your specialized knowledge further and further, then IT is the right job sector for you.

Succeeding in today’s IT world depends tremendously on how you start your career. As such, in this article, we are going to tell you about 3 amazing career choices for those looking to enter the IT world. These are entry-level positions meant for IT enthusiasts who are only beginning their career. Take a look!

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1. Web Developer

If your knowledge of programming is solid enough, then aspiring to be a web developer is the ideal choice for you. As more and more services and software features are being transferred online, being specialized in developing programs and applications for the World Wide Web is clearly a valuable skill that will remain relevant in the years to come.

You should expect this to take quite a bit of effort because there are several new programming languages to master. Before you learn all about how to deploy Django to AWS, Apache, or Azure, you will have to know each cloud-based platform and language in depth because these will play a defining role in your work.

In fact, these are skills you are well worth acquiring since a large portion of the IT sector will be web-based in the near future. Cloud-based applications are gaining more and more popularity every year, which means that an entry-level position in web development today could lead you to proficiency tomorrow.

2. IT Support Specialist

[pullquote]If you are only just starting out your IT career, then working as an IT Support Specialist for a while could provide you with a complete view on office-based technology.[/pullquote] This could prove useful as it could help you figure out if you want to remain an IT generalist or identify the specific IT sector you would like to be specialized in. As part of your job, you will have to do everything from installing and setting up software to troubleshooting office technology.

The position also entails working with hardware, as the IT Support Specialist must make sure that all the devices in the company are running correctly and that they are properly updated to be compatible with the required BI. Be prepared to answer questions and provide support to the employees who need it.

This is an excellent position for IT beginners because they will be faced with the various aspects of office IT, from hardware installation and troubleshooting to various software bugs and tweaks. This will be of use for any future IT prospects, as it enables beginners to get valuable practical experience.

3. Systems Administrator

Responsible for developing and maintaining specialized computer systems and networks for a company, a Systems Administrator position is meant for IT beginners who value creativity in their careers. As the systems you are meant to create must be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the company, it is essential that the applicant have solid communication skills.

Talking to the department managers of the company and understanding what their needs and requirements are is the first step of developing quality networks. The Systems Administrator must identify the BI systems that are best in line with the company’s needs and combine them to create a well-oiled system.

The Systems Administrator must then implement this network into the company, which includes everything from setting up the required hardware to fine-tuning the software to meet business requirements. Last but not least, this position also comes with a maintenance component, as these networks must be kept up to date and running smoothly for the entire duration of the company’s projects.

As you can see, the IT sector is creating more and more new types of positions as technology gets further and further. Those beginning their path into the IT world are well-advised to either choose their favorite sectors and expand their knowledge of them or begin with entry-level positions that can broaden their view of the various parts of the IT sector.

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3 Stellar Career Choices To Jump-Start Your IT Career

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