9 Lovely Gifts for Your Senior Co-Workers

When it’s time to purchase gifts for co-workers, there’s no question it can be a tricky task. While this is true, some gifts are too perfect to pass up. If you are looking for the bestselling gifts for co-workers, keep reading. Here are some of the top options available today.

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1. Coasters

While this may sound like a strange gift at first, coasters have some definite benefits as a gift for your senior co-workers. For example, many people from the older generations want to keep their furniture water-ring free. Because of this, coasters are a functional and practical gift to give that they will also appreciate. You can choose from several material options, including cork and slate to tile, and more. There are even coasters that you can have personalized with initials and names or a favorite quote.

2. Docking Stations

Today, more and more seniors are adopting to technology. Because of this, they need a way to keep things organized and easy to find, with an emphasis on the easy-to-find part. A docking station is a great idea. With this, seniors can keep all their devices in one place and ensure everything remains charged. It’s a great, practical gift and one that will be greatly appreciated.

3. Picture Pillows

Does your co-worker love their dog or cat? What about their grandkids? If so, what better gift than to give them something that features their favorite pet or people. They can display their gift on their couch or bed at home and remember your thoughtfulness. They can also bring it to work to keep those they love close by throughout the year.

4. Fun Aprons

Today, you can find aprons in virtually every style you can imagine – lacey, frilly, masculine, funny, even aprons with animals or muscle cars – whatever your co-worker is into. You can find options that display your co-worker’s favorite television show or movie character, or have something made for a personalized touch. This is another fun and practical gift that anyone who loves to cook will appreciate.

5. Water Bottles

Health is a top priority for people of all ages today. With this in mind, why not give your senior co-worker something practical and useful, like a BPA-free glass water bottle. Today, you can find a huge array of designs to choose from, along with many different colors.

6. Flowers Or Live Plants

Who doesn’t love flowers or plants? Not only is this a great gift for a senior co-worker, but it is something they can put in their office or work area and enjoy day after day. Just make sure you get something that can survive in the environment they work in and they do not have any allergies.

7. Cookbooks

Do you have a co-worker who has started talking about getting back into the kitchen to bake and make meals for their family? If so, why not give them a jumpstart by giving them a recipe book or meal plan subscription service? There are so many options available on the market today that it will be easy to find one that has the style of food they are interested in.

8. Plush Blanket

Everyone loves a cozy, comfortable blanket to place on a couch or even at your work desk. If your co-worker is notoriously cold, having something warm and fuzzy to warm up with is a great idea. You can even choose an eco-friendly option, such as one that is made with recycled materials or bamboo. This is a great gift and one that can be good for the environment as well.

9. Portable Coffee Brewer

Do you have a senior co-worker who is an avid coffee drinker? Why not give them something that they will love to use and have on hand – a portable coffee maker. There are several brands and styles to choose from, which means you can find the perfect, small size for your co-worker to keep in their office and use whenever they would like a fresh cup of joe.

Finding The Perfect Gift

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a senior co-worker, the list here should give you some options to consider. Each one of these is thoughtful and practical, and will be appreciated by that hard-to-buy-for colleague at our office. Just remember to consider the person you are buying for, what they like, and what item they would likely use the most. When you do this, you can feel confident you have found the perfect gift.

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