9 Small Side Businesses You Can Start from Home

If you have got extra time to kill, consider starting a small side business at your home. It will be a productive activity and also help you save extra to achieve some of your dreams. A business isn’t challenging when it’s also your hobby. Here I have shared nine small business ideas. You should choose one that will be the most fun for you.

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Social Media Management

Billions of people use social media websites. Most probably, you are one of them. It’s not very difficult to manage the social media profile of a business. Some companies need social media managers to publish a post and engage their followers regularly. You can do this from home, and it doesn’t require any investment or technical skills.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Many successful professionals need a virtual assistant to help them in their work. You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience for this job. The exact job description will differ from client to client, who will properly guide you before acquiring your services.

Bookkeeping Service

If you are good with numbers, start offering freelance bookkeeping service. You can help people by creating a balance sheet, income statement, and financial reports. You can learn these things from the internet and offer services without any certification.

Start An Affiliate Website

You can partner with eCommerce sites like Amazon and sell their products on your affiliate website. You don’t have to produce or deliver the product; you only have to attract visitors to your site and get a commission for each sale.

Create Your Own Blog

If an affiliate website sounds too complicated, you can go for a blog. A blog is also a website where you write content that people would like to read. A blog can be specific to one niche or cover every category there is. It is suggested to select a niche where your passion lies.

You will, however, need a few hundred dollars to purchase a website, domain, and hosting. It is recommended to acquire funds using an online service where you can apply for short term loans by phone. Unlike banks, they are very friendly, fast and reliable.

Freelance Writing Service

Content writing services are in very demand these days. If creating your own website is too much effort, you can create your writing profile on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and People per House. Take projects, do a little research on the topic, and write it in your own words – it’s as simple as that.

Babysitting Service

Babysitting is a straightforward and popular way to spend free time and get some pocket money. You can do it on a bigger scale by creating a daycare like service at your home. People will drop their kids to your house for a few hours and pay for you that.

Pet Sitting Service

The same service as babysitting also works for pets. Americans treat their pets like kids. If you are good with pets, you can offer pet sitting services. Pet training services are also very popular. You can start by contacting your neighbors, family members, and friends to let them know you are offering this service. They can drop their pets at your house when going out.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is new but used all around the world. It will be easier for you to find work if you know a second language. There are many kids and adults who need the services of an online tutor to help them with homework, communication, or other technical skills.

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