How To Be Productive When You Have A Lot Of Distractions [Chart]

It’s not easy to stay productive constantly all day at work. You could probably spend the entire day on social media and email, and that’s not even counting the things you should actually be doing. For me, it’s one step forward, two steps back. I might feel like I have a handle on my productivity for a few days, but then I’m scattered for the next few days. If you need some tips on how to be productive, this mindmap can help.

This mindmap, or chart, is called How To Be Productive (by Funders and Founders), and it highlights 35 habits of uber productive people. There have been so many articles written on this topic over the years, but it’s one of those things that we can always improve about ourselves. I’m a firm believer that productivity is linked to success. This chart can give you some new ideas about how to manage your productivity and energy.

There are also so many different opinions about this. I read one article that said to do the most important tasks first so they will for sure get completed. I read another article that said to do the easiest tasks first so that you’ll feel like you are crossing things off your list. My own personal opinion is that you have to organize your day according to your body’s energy. For example, if you are very energetic and creative in the morning, then you should do the tasks that inspire you most then. That way, you’re in sync with your own rhythm, and things will flow more naturally.

This mindmap is very well done, and it can teach someone how to be productive if he or she is struggling with it. These tips are very good, but sometimes I think it just comes down to having the willpower to stay off email and social media for a while…but I’ll save that for a different article.

How To Be Productive – Mindmap Of 35 Habits

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Via: [Funders and Founders] Header Image Credit: [Smart Planet]