Adrian Marcataio – Difficulties Business Executives Are Facing During The Current Pandemic

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed life as we know it and probably forever. As people try to adjust to the new normal from social distancing to working from home, many business executives face new challenges related to how to manage a remote workforce and still meet targets and business goals.

Adrian Marcataio of Mexico City, Mexico, is an entrepreneur and executive in the energy industry. In the time of the coronavirus pandemic, he explains, business executives have to come up with new strategies to boost morale, keep the team on track, and still maintain a warm relationship with the employees even when interpersonal interactions are limited to video calls.

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Powering Through The Uncertainties

Conducting business and managing employees under the pandemic is a challenge in and of itself. We’re in uncharted territories now and if working from home needs adjusting to on the part of the employees, the boss has to deal with the same issues as well as how to figure out new solutions for unfamiliar problems all the time.

The business executive needs to instill a sense of calmness in a team of isolated individuals working from home and project confidence, even when uncertainty and confusion are rampant, says Adrian Marcataio. The usual company regulations and standard procedures for dealing with crises don’t apply to these difficult times. So, it’s up to the business executive to think out of the box, be creative in how to tackle the issues that come up, and take it day-by-day.

Striking A Balance

If taking a team of disparate members through the workday is difficult enough, it’s not the only challenge that the team leader has to grapple with. Another difficulty that the business executive often faces these days is how to strike a balance between motivating people and demanding that everyone maintain the same level of productivity they were used to while working at the office.

According to Adrian Marcataio, the challenge here is how to conduct business as usual when there’s nothing normal about it. It’s a balancing act between pushing the team to be productive while also taking the time to be extra motivational and encouraging.

Adrian Marcataio On Managing Remotely

It’s no secret that managing people takes talent, skills, and years of experience. But it’s one thing to manage people working under the same roof and it’s a totally different thing to deal with a team scattered all over the city. The opportunities for interaction are limited and no matter how good video conferencing is, it’s still no substitute for face-to-face interactions.

A team working together in the office is a highly motivated workforce. But with every employee working from home, the business executive has a hard time exerting influence, keeping the team spirit up, and breaking through the enforced isolation, says Adrian Marcataio. Undoubtedly, executives’ leadership skills are being put to the test throughout this crisis.

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