Advantages Of Jewelry Design Copyright

They say that everything old is new again. In fact, while each generation seems certain that they have come up with a unique product, idea, or thought, there always seems to be a tried and true foundation upon which it is based. This is not to say that nothing new can ever be created.

Coming up with something that is unique, ingenious, and bold however, takes a lot of time, dedication, and inspiration to develop. And once you have invested yourself on that level and designed something that is yours, you need to secure it in a way that allows you to make money, keep creating, and ensures that you get the credit you deserve.

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Copyrighted Designs

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into creating and crafting any type of art. This is particularly true when it comes to designing innovative and distinctive pieces of jewelry. In fact, when you are in the business of creating aesthetically pleasing designs, you need to present more than beaded bracelets and simple pendants.

You need to create pieces that stand out from the crowd and invite prospective buyers in. And once you have those unique pieces designed, you need to copyright them so that they forever remain yours, even after they have left your hands.

Non Copyrighted Designs

In the absence of a design copyright, your artistry, creativity, and intellectual property is yours in theory only. Without a design copyright, despite the hours, days, and in many cases, years, you may have spent on designing the “perfect” piece of jewelry, you run the risk of losing all privileges and unadulterated access to your design.

Design copyrights, though not usually what we think of within the creative genre, are crucial for artists and would-be designers. The law dictates what you can declare as yours and in turn, how you market and share it with others.

If you do not mind others taking from, or completely replicating a design you crafted, then perhaps getting a copyright for your jewelry is not that important. That said, there are few to no individuals who want others to, in short, steal their ideas.

Establishing A Jewelry Design Copyright

There are a number of steps you must take, once you have decided to get your jewelry designs copyrighted. Whether you want to sell your pieces and make money, gift them to a museum or historical society, or simply wear them around the house, the only way you can truly and legally call your designs yours, is by applying for and securing a jewelry design copyright. This is where the Patent Professor comes in.

The Advantages Of Obtaining A Jewelry Design Copyright

It is important to understand that securing a copyright for your design involves having your jewelry evaluated, studied, and determined to in fact be an original. It also involves paying fees and filing for the legal right to claim your jewelry design as your own.

While there are a host of non- creative aspects to the process of copyrighting your designs, the ends most often justify the means. Having the legal authority to say, “This is My Piece,” is not only personally rewarding, but is likely to open doors, help you become profitable, and make the challenges of obtaining your copyright worth it and then some.

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