Apple Product Sales Still Surprisingly Potent [Infographic]

It is said that a company’s stock price is merely an indication of the shareholders’ expectations of the company’s future, and not the company’s actual progression as an entity. It might take you a while to see the essence in that sentence, but if you have ever been into day trading, you know you are buying and selling stock based on hype and rumors. That becomes heavily apparent when you look at Apple’s stock compared to Apple product sales over the last couple of years.

I have bluntly expressed my distress at how little innovation Apple is currently supplying in their product lines, and in my uneducated ignorance, I thought the stock was proof of this. But when you start looking at the numbers, and I should know this being a fanatic when it comes to statistics, it is quite apparent that Apple product sales are still highly potent. So why is it that the stock keeps yo-yoing up and down seemingly for no apparent reason, even though Apple is making a killing off of their products?

Apple’s stock price is heavily controlled and influenced by shareholders and day traders who analyze the rumors and statistics. As I said, when we look at Apple product sales, it just doesn’t make sense. Apple has actually made even more money after Steve Jobs’ sudden departure than during his reign as a traveler on the edge of technology. So is Apple still as innovative as it used to be, or possibly even more? Is that the reason why they are currently making a killing? If so, why is it that the stock doesn’t reflect this?

Apple product sales have skyrocketed in the last year, especially iPhone sales. With several new rumored products, both when it comes to the iPhone as well as their MacPro (and anything else upcoming), Apple product sales could even increase further. In order to illustrate the uneven breakage between Apple product sales and the stock price, I have been presented an infographic called Apple Product Sales From Fiscal Year 2011 To The Third Quarter 2013, which is presented by WorldCap.

If you have a closer look at these Apple product sales statistics, you will find that Apple is not doing so bad after all. So what’s next for Apple? Will they be able to once again capture new shareholders’ attention with their upcoming products? We’ll just have to wait and see.

WorldCap’s Apple Product Sales Statistics

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