Applying For A Loan? – Here’s What To Keep In Mind

No one likes being in debt; the idea of owing someone else anything, especially if it’s money, can be stressful on its own. However, sometimes, borrowing money can be your only option, but is it really worth getting into debt? The answer depends on your own lifestyle and needs.

Sometimes, applying for a loan can exponentially improve your resources, which will help you make more money in the process and allow you to get out of debt faster. Once you do the math and conclude that applying for a loan is, indeed, your best option, make sure to keep the following points in mind.

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Credit Score

You’ll come across the term “credit score” a lot when you start exploring your loan options. Most lenders, especially banks and credit unions, will evaluate your eligibility majorly on how good your credit score is. You may still be eligible at the end of the day, but having a good credit score and credit history will make the process and loan terms so much easier. A good credit score assures the lenders that you’re trustworthy and will be committed to your payment schedule.

You’ll want to calculate your credit score first to know where you stand in the spectrum before approaching any lenders. In case of a poor credit score, you may want to postpone the loan until you mend your score a bit. On a different note, you’ll want to check the effect of applying for a loan on your current credit score to prevent it from getting worse.

Loan Options

The loan you apply for will vary depending on your needs and financial situation. For instance, you may want to apply for a personal loan for general purposes, but it’s better to seek an auto-loan if you want to finance your new car. However, it’s important to note that most personal and auto loans start at a high minimum, not to mention that the application process is typically lengthy and eligibility criteria are usually quite strict, so they aren’t practical options for those looking to get a small sum of cash fast.

Alternatively, the financial experts at GreenStarCash point out that seeking a payday loan can be a better option in that case. Payday loans can be processed in as short as the same day, and they give you shorter repayment timelines; usually within the month.

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Loan Providers

You can always trust your bank and credit union, but an online lender? Not very much so. There are so many scams in the scene of online lending, so make sure to do your research to guarantee the authenticity and trustworthiness of online lenders. Never sign a contract or submit personal information to shady websites or peer to peer lenders. That being said, you’ll find much more flexible loan options once you explore different loan providers; some would even give you great loan deals even with a poor credit score.

Loan Structure

No matter how appealing the loan or sum can be, never sign up for more than you can handle. Unless you have a solid repayment plan, don’t apply for a big loan and make your financial situation worse. In order to know whether a loan is structured well enough for you, you’ll want to inspect a few components. For starters, interest rates can irrationally break your bank if you apply for the wrong loan.

Interest rates can be surrealistically high in case of having a poor credit score or in case of defaulting on your payment. Different loans will have their own default penalties, with credit cards being the worst of all. The repayment schedule is another factor, which depends on both the monthly installments and the duration of repayment. The longer the period, the more interest you’ll pay.

Assets And Liabilities

Just like there are various loans for different purposes, the same loan can be structured differently. Aside from the interest and schedule, a loan can either be secured or unsecured. Unsecured loans don’t involve any collaterals or assets held in reserve in case of a default, but secured loans do. As their name suggests, secured loans involve giving up part of your ownership of certain assets or properties as collateral. This will give you a better deal, but it may result in losing your assets if you become unable to finalize the payment.

Sometimes, applying for a loan can be the smartest decision you can make in your current state. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s risk-free. To make sure you’re fully aware and prepared for the ramifications of the loan, you must do your research diligently and have a solid plan in place. After all, a loan should make your life better, not worse.

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