How Asbestos Awareness Training Can Help You

Although not as common as in the past, Asbestos is still a very real threat to you, your employees and anyone entering your premises. Over 3000 people die every year from asbestos-related diseases, more than are killed on the roads. It’s essential that we all do our part in spotting asbestos in buildings that we own or work in so that the number is reduced to 0.

Praxis42 detail how asbestos awareness training can help you and your employees to ensure that your business is as safe as possible.

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The most obvious benefit of asbestos awareness training is the added safety aspect, as everyone within your business is aware of any warning signs that may be apparent in the building. If your within a building that was built in the 1970s when asbestos use was at its peak, then you may be at risk of asbestos.

There are several warning signs that if you notice, you should cease all work and inform trained and insured contractors to remove the asbestos safely. Places where you can find asbestos include cement products, insulating boards, ceiling and floor tiles and sprayed/textured coatings.

Knowledge About Asbestos

The added knowledge you gain from awareness training can follow you throughout life, not just for that specific job. It teaches you and your employees to stay aware of your surroundings so that nobody is in harm’s way. If your workforce is knowledgeable and educated on these subjects then your business will grow as a result, as it provides you with a more active and aware workforce.


When you can show to the world that you care about the wellbeing and safety of people around you whether they be employees or customers, then it gives you credibility within the industry and community. Whether you be a standing business or a contractor, the awareness training shows that you take care in the work that you do, and go out of your way to keep people safe in the workplace.

Increase In Work

If you work within contracting and move from job to job working in different businesses where you’re more likely to encounter asbestos then you’ll find asbestos awareness training very helpful. As this shows to potential clients that you know the risks and what to look for, know the procedures in place and you’ll do the right thing if you encounter it. This extra knowledge puts you ahead of the competition, where a lot of contractors may not know what to do or even take care when conducting their work.

Now you may think that awareness training may be a long and arduous task that will get in the way of your career. But that’s not the case with e-Learning, it’s quick, affordable and flexible. Allowing you to complete the training course from the comfort of your own home, on multiple devices, allowing you to take in the information much easier. Get in touch with a provider of e-learning courses today, such as Praxis42, and stay aware of the risks of asbestos.

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