Attrace Is A Decentralized Affiliate Platform For The Future

Affiliate networks provide a very necessary service. They communicate advertiser expectations to affiliates, ensure affiliates are paid on time and offer security to both parties by reducing the risk of fraud. However, the traditional approach affiliate networks take is highly bureaucratic and costly. Attrace is a new affiliate marketing network that takes a new approach.

The Attrace Advantage

Attrace is a network that uses blockchain. This allows it to be more decentralized, which provides a number of benefits to both affiliates and advertisers. Here are some of the key reasons affiliates and advertisers are turning to Attrace.

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Amazingly Low Network Fees

Most affiliate networks charge steep network fees. They can be as high as 25%. This cuts into the advertiser’s profits, which means they have less money to give to their affiliates. They can also scare some advertisers away from joining.

Since Attrace uses blockchain to handle many of its functions, it is able to reduce labor costs and waste. This, in turn, keeps the cost-structure low, which means they don’t need to charge nearly as high commissions as other networks. Attrace only charges a 0.5% fee, which is 95% lower than the industry average. This will likely lead to higher payouts. It can also encourage more enterprising entrepreneurs to advertise.

Get Immediate Payouts

Have you ever needed money for your campaigns, but still had to wait another couple of weeks for the next payout from your network? Almost every affiliate has been in this situation. Most networks only pay affiliates once a month. You may be able to get paid weekly or biweekly if you push high enough volume and choose certain payment options. However, even that can create a challenge for affiliates that need cash to grow their business. It can be a huge hassle when you are trying to scale a campaign or test a new offer.

Attrace has a much better alternative. They use the latest blockchain payment solutions to pay affiliates in real-time. I have never heard of another affiliate network that offers this option. It is perfect for affiliates that need a more regular cash flow to scale and test.

Fighting Affiliate Fraud

Affiliate fraud is a serious problem. It isn’t just an issue for advertisers either. Honest affiliates suffer, because advertisers have to offer lower payouts when unscrupulous publishers try to cheat them. They may also get frustrated and abandon the network, which comes at the expense of affiliates that were making money promoting their offers honestly.

Attrace has found an ingenious way to fight fraud. They embed smart contracts in every click, which helps them monitor the performance and traffic sources affiliates use. This significantly minimizes the risk of fraud, which helps advertisers and affiliates alike.

Improving Tracking Accuracy

Tracking is one of the biggest frustrations for most affiliates. Even if they choose the right tracking solution on their end, they don’t have any control over the performance of the tracking tool the network uses. If the tracking system isn’t effective, they will lose track of your clicks. This can mean that you won’t get credited for sales that you generated.

This is another area where Attrace beats the competition. Since they create smart contracts with every click, they can track clicks much more accurately. This will reduce the likelihood that won’t get paid for your leads. It also reduces the confusion that occurs when there is a discrepancy between the SUBIDs listed in your network and the Group Overview of your own third-party tracking platform.

With all of these features and tools in place, it’s no wonder why Attrace is getting so much attention over the competition. Through the comparison chart below, we can see how Attrace stacks up to similar blockchain technology platforms, while also showcasing areas where other networks might be lacking in — such as having a dedicated chain of their own.

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Reducing Confusion And Improving Transparency Between Affiliates And Advertisers

Using affiliate networks as intermediaries can create a lot of confusion and frustrations between affiliates and advertisers. Here are a few of the biggest challenges that it creates:

  • Affiliates and advertisers depend on their respective contacts at the network to pass messages to each other. This can be like a game of “Telephone”, where there may be a misunderstanding somewhere in the chain of communication. This can obviously lead to a number of problems, such as the advertiser denying an affiliate request to use a promotional strategy that they would otherwise have approved or giving the wrong advice on a campaign strategy.
  • There can be a lag between message deliveries, especially if an affiliate manager or other contact is out sick or the network has to close for a holiday. They could also simply forget about the message until the affiliate or advertiser follows up with them.
  • Some unscrupulous affiliate networks encourage their affiliates to commit fraud if they think the advertiser won’t catch it.

All of these issues can be resolved by creating a system where advertisers and affiliates can communicate directly. It improves transparency and helps them build stronger relationships with each other.

Is Attrace’s Affiliate Model the Way of the Future?

The affiliate marketing industry has undergone a tremendous number of changes over the past 20 years since Amazon started the world’s first major affiliate program. The introduction of affiliate networks helped the industry grow because they provided stability, fraud prevention and guaranteed payments to affiliates and advertisers in countless verticals.

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However, the industry has always struggled with some challenges. The massive fees networks had to charge to cover their expenses was one of the biggest.

Attrace is taking an innovative approach by creating a decentralized network with blockchain. Their new model will significantly reduce costs, which is why they can offer a lower fee. This is going to be a boon for everyone in the industry. Their improved fraud control models and higher levels of transparency will also be a win for advertisers and affiliates alike.

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