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If you are running a business, may it be small or quite big there is always one question buzzing in your mind; what is the best way to advertise my product? Of course, you would always consider having an ad campaign that is both cheap and effective. As an entrepreneur, you may go for the usual campaign strategy, however, this does not guarantee a perfect ad platform with massive traffic. However, what if there was a very cheap ad platform out there that can offer huge amounts of traffic but is slightly unorthodox? If you choose to take a more daring approach to your advertising campaign, then Traffic Junky is the way to go.

Why Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky is one of the most popular online advertising networks that can offer both effective and efficient adverting platforms that basically guarantees high traffic. Traffic Junky utilizes CPM (cost per thousand) model which refer to the price of a thousand advertisements on a single web page.

[pullquote]Traffic Junky is capable of driving massive volume of authentic traffic to your website in order to achieve the online marketing goals you very much desire through targeted advertising.[/pullquote] The CPM-bidding ad network they have has proven to be both cost-effective and has a shining capability to boost revenue, leaving everyone involved satisfied with the results.

Being one of the biggest online advertising networks, Traffic Junky has more than 141 million visitors and 2.2 billion mobile and web advertisements per day.  Evidently, Traffic Junky is a highly successful ad network and has been in the industry for more than eight years, proving its reliability. If you have an ad campaign in the works and need a great platform that really performs and drive traffic, our money is on Traffic Junky.


Traffic Junky offers a very user-friendly and flexible CPM-based bidding model, providing a win-win situation for both parties, namely the publishers and the advertisers. Moreover, Traffic Junky also has a detailed reporting system allowing members to effectively track the performance of the ads they paid for. The report includes details for total impressions, revenue, competitor websites, active websites, unpaid revenue share, and revenue graph impressions based on different regions.

Moreover, Traffic Junky also offers a geotargeting solution allowing advertisers to select specific cities, countries or regions for their ads.

When you register at Traffic Junky you are offered a 10 percent referral commission program which is exclusive only to advertisers.

Meanwhile, the price is very cheap, allowing advertisers to promote their ads and websites for as low as $0.01 per 1000 impressions. As for the minimum deposit, members are required to register with their ad network for only $25.

Traffic Junky offers payouts on a weekly basis with several payment options to choose from including US wire transfer, FirstChoice Pay, PayPal, International wire transfer, Paxum, and more.

Why Advertise on Adult Websites

Traffic Junky religiously reviews all the websites thoroughly for both quality and authenticity before approving them to Traffic Junky’s ad network.  Thus, ensuring publishers and advertisers that the platform their ads will appear on will prove true to their promise of paving the way for effective ad campaigns.

However, we have mentioned that the Traffic Junky offers unorthodox yet effective ad platforms and that means adult websites. Traffic Junky’s top publisher websites are mostly adult website like Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn etc.

Apparently, advertising on adult websites is basically a gold mine for revenue and fantastic results. According to Eat24, a company that is a fan of advertising on adult websites, the potential of ad campaigns that choose this platform is amazing. Results show that 30 percent of all web traffic belongs to adult websites. It seems they had their money on the right bet since many people on the internet visit these sites, hence ensuring a massive audience for your ads.

Traffic Junky Mechanics

Traffic Junky’s pricing is based on the supply and demand of web traffic which is fortunately calculated by their propriety algorithms. They have a bid based system that will consider the bid of each advertiser and proceed to allocate the ads appropriately.

[pullquote]The bid system allows advertisers to bid on top websites based on their ranking for advertisement space.[/pullquote] When one becomes a member of Traffic Junky your blogs and websites will undergo thorough assessment then become part of Traffic Junky’s Run of Network (RON). Once this is accomplished, publishers will be able to display their ads on your websites hence generating massive volumes of ad impressions and, of course, traffic. A definite win-win for both the publisher and advertiser who are looking to increase their business success.

Traffic Junky Limitations

Despite Traffic Junky’s amazing promises and results rendered, there are certain limitations to its advertising prowess. Apparently, Traffic Junky only offers banner ads as a solution to publishers. Moreover, they do not offer flash ads or pop-up ads as options, hence if that is your cup of tea, perhaps Traffic Junky may not be the right fit.

Another downside is that Traffic Junky does not provide options to target ISP or demographics. Furthermore, as mentioned before, Traffic Junky’s top publisher websites are mostly adult websites, hence if you are not comfortable with such a platform then you may go and opt against going for this great deal.

Imperfections aside, it is evident that Traffic Junky is indeed a promising and effective ad campaign platform. They have a reliable CPM model as well as a reporting and bid system to keep publishers and advertisers on the winning side of things. Ultimately, Traffic Junky is a great online solution for online business who have their eyes on achieving massive traffic for a dirt cheap price. – If you want to learn more about online advertising and how to increase the revenue from your website, click here!

Traffic Junky – Best Out-Of-The-Box Ad Network

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