The Bank Of Tomorrow – Pushing Banking To New Horizons [Review]

More and more banks are taking the core of their services online. This is of course a great way for their customers to be able to take care of their banking endeavors 24 hours of the day and it also saves banks a lot of money on salaries, facilities, etc. However, until now, banks have had a pretty linear progression in how they offer their services. Even though banks have showcased a great deal of understanding towards what their customers want, innovation has not really been at the forefront of their online expansion.

Well, I should really say that in past presence as there are banks out there that are truly pushing banking to new horizons. Take for example Trustcom Financial, who’s are among the rare few banks that give innovative banks their luminescence.

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So, what really puts Trustcom Financial apart from other banks that have made their way online? Well, for starters, opening an account doesn’t require you to go down to the physical banking facility and it only takes 5 minutes to set up your new account (which includes IBAN) and inquiry for a new card that will be sent to you. Their accounts are also 100% online and mobile accounts, which is exactly where banking is heading in the future.

Not only is it super convenient, but you will also be able to use your card all around the world and on virtually any ATM no matter where you are or have traveled to withdraw your money.

Why Banking Is Better When 100% Online

Undoubtedly, there will be people out there asking why baking is destined to be a 100% online business model and the explanation is rather easy. People want, what they consider, complex and necessary services to be available to them 24/7 and the only way to do that cost-effectively, without lowering security and convenience, is to put these services online. This is exactly what businesses like Trustcom Financial has done.

Sure, being able to take care of your banking online and 24/7 is convenient, however, pushing for a 100% online banking experience doesn’t only increase the convenience, it also opens up for further innovation when it comes to available services. Not only that either, but you can also set your margins at even more competitive levels offering your customers better services for cheap.

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Chasing The Ultimate Banking Experience

Banking all comes down to convenience and Trustcom Financial certainly has that figured out. But where is banking heading in the future and what services can we expect innovative banks to offer up next?

Well, as banking is both complex and security-heavy, innovation always comes at a high level of security awareness. If a bank hires top security experts innovation can move forward fast and that is certainly something that Trustcom Financial seems to have taken care of considering they have been able to incorporate, innovate and launch their convenient banking experience in less than 4 years. Impressive to say the least.

When loosely asking my colleagues here at Bit Rebels, what banking service they feel is the most important, the overall majority said “transferring of funds”, both internally and externally to and from other accounts such as PayPal, Payoneer and more. These online services are essential online activities, for businesses especially, and if smoother and faster transferring can be achieved it would definitely set that bank apart from all the rest. As of now, generally, you will have to wait a couple of banking days to receive your fund on the account the funds have been transferred to, which by the idea of how the Internet works is quite a mystery.

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Trustcom Financial – Personal And Business Banking

Asking the question of whether a Trustcom Financial account is for you then a quick look at there services should give you an idea of how much they offer for a very reasonable price. Sure, they are not the cheapest of services, however, that is not always what a price should be. One has to understand that the easier services are to use the more security they need in the backend, which makes the price tag slightly higher. However, service fees are most likely to go down over time as the bank grows and the technology gets better and cheaper as well.

What Trustcom offers is quite impressive when you consider they are such a new player on the market. For example, if you have a business account with them you can expect the following services.

  • OTP token and balance always available – We protect your business account through the use of the token, which provides for verification of operations in two steps. In addition, Bank of Lithuania guarantees the immediate availability of the entire amount present in the account, unlike traditional banks that insure only up to € 100,000.
  • Fast, secure, and proper SWIFT payments – The multi-currency online bank account allows you to buy online and transfer money to different countries in real-time with no currency exchange costs. In addition, we guarantee 1-day quick bank transfers if made in Europe, without receipt fees and the highest security level with SWIFT payments.
  • Live chat support in real-time 7 days a week – Often requesting assistance becomes a long and complex procedure. In order to provide a complete and quality service, we guarantee the availability of our operators through online chat from 9.00 to 24.00, 7 days a week, for any type of transaction, whether linked to the card or the account, with lower response times at 3 minutes.

To try and share all of the available innovations that Trustcom Financial offers in this article would be, as you might understand, impossible. However, their website has all the information you will ever need neatly listed and if you have any questions, well, they are available to you at the press of a button.

If you are interested in finding out more about Trustcom Financial and their business model then I suggest taking a quick look at their About Us page, which will give you an overview of their progress so far. If you are interested in what banking options they have available, then I highly suggest you start at the front page and click your way to the information you are looking for. Their website is, as can be expected from an innovative company, truly easy to navigate and I managed to find everything I wanted to know within seconds.

Give their website a gander and their services your consideration. It’s not every day you can be a part of the dawn of the banking experience of tomorrow. I am sure we will hear a lot more from Trustcom Financial in the future and I hope they will keep up their level of innovation for years to come.

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