5 Tips For How To Stay Safe With Your Online Banking

No matter how many security programs you install on your mobile devices and PC, there’s always a threat that you may become a victim of cybercrime, especially when you are using online banking. In fact, mobile phones are just as high risk as laptops and PC’s these days. Hopefully, you’re already aware that you should ignore unknown messages and emails and never click on downloads or links within them.

Safety with online banking is easy to get to grips with too, here are a few tips to keep you secure while managing your money online.

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1. Check You Are Covered

As stated by the Money Advice Service on their guide covering instant access savings account, building societies in the UK are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which means if you keep a large amount of savings alongside your current account that you can access online, up to £85,000 of this is protected.

2. Choose A Strong Password

Occasionally, email address and password combinations are leaked which means if you’re using the same password for everything then you’re in trouble. Take the password recommendations seriously and choose something that is at least 8 characters and includes at least one symbol and a capital letter. If you’re terrible at remembering passwords, jot them down in a safe place at home.

3. Change Your Password Regularly

It may seem like a lot of effort changing your password all of the time, but it’s far less hassle than trying to find out what’s happened to all of your money. The recommendation is that you should change your password every three months so make a note in your calendar to remind yourself to think up that fresh new password.

4. Download The Latest Updates

For the latest security and protection, you need to let your phone or PC update regularly to install the latest firewalls. Hackers and threats are a bit like the common cold; they’re constantly evolving and changing to try and work their way into your details, so keep everything up to date. It’s also worth installing anti-virus protection on your computers to increase security even further.

5. Be Aware Of Wi-Fi

A lot of companies offer free Wi-Fi these days whether you’re traveling by train, sat in a coffee shop or shopping in their store, you can stay connected 24/7. However, as easy as this might be, security specialists recommend that you avoid signing into accounts that contain sensitive personal information, especially online banking. Usecure says, “The best way to remember this is that even though a website itself might be reputable, personal information still isn’t secure as long as the network is insecure.

To stay safe when managing your money online keep these tips in mind at all times and enjoy the freedom that mobile and online banking offers.

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Tips For How To Stay Safe With Your Online Banking

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