Why Banners Are Recommended For Trade Shows Or Events

A banner is a communication medium with various applications. You cannot use only this one to describe your stand nicely, but you can also print this PVC, textile or non-woven banner using your company name, slogan, promotion or advertising message. Place a banner on the parking lot of the living room, on an outside wall or at the cash desk and the visitor will know where to find you. Pull up banner Singapore offers a wide variety of banners for indoor and outdoor use.

These roll-up, pull-up banners, and displays are easy-to-use and easy-to-use advertising products for your trade show, event, showroom, action, counter or event/sports organization. Their XL models can even be used as a background for your stand or lounge area or during your TV interviews.

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Display Of Superior Quality

Only the best quality guarantees a long life of your products. Also, they take care very carefully in the choice of materials. The case is made of aluminum. The Roll-up XL is a roll-up advertising display in the format L to XXL. With a width of 2 meters and a height of 3 meters, this imposing banner is one of the most visible advertising media to highlight your action or product and thus enhance your reputation. This extra-large roll-up can serve as a background for your stand or lounge area or during your TV interviews.

If you invest in this big banner of honorable dimensions, the least you expect from this medium of communication is that it lasts in time. We also pay special attention to the choice of materials. The roll-up banners are made in PVC. The housing is made of aluminum.

Optimum Visibility With Roll-up / Pull-up Banners

Whether installed in your store, showroom, office or reception area, because of its size, this vertical banner is always seen. Moreover, it offers a lot of freedom to your creativity. Imagine a strong message, put your slogan or exclusive offers in this way, you communicate with your audience, even before saying a word. You can print your banner with or without the logo of your company or organization.

Easy To Carry

It is often the loaded arms that you go to a salon or event. The roll-up is not likely to clutter you further. It is packaged in a sturdy and convenient carrying bag with a protective coating. Very light weight which can take it anywhere without difficulty.


  • Roll-up banner: 200 cm H x 80 cm L
  • Roll-up case: 82 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
  • Case (width x height x depth): 206 cm x 11 cm x 14 cm.

The Display Reinforce Your Message

  • easy installation;
  • attractive;
  • reusable;
  • compact, lightweight and delivered in a convenient carrying bag;
  • durable materials.

The display roll-up is the classic of the classics in the range of supports for trade show and exhibition. This communication medium has been established over the years thanks to its extreme simplicity of use. The roll-up banner is one of the easiest advertising products to install. In addition, Kiasuprint offers great sealing for company stamps. Also, the perfect way to find new product especially wax stamp Singapore as well and can customize your business stamp design to enhance your brand recognization.

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