A Beginner’s Guide To Cryptocurrency Investing

If you want to nail one of America’s current affairs, you might consider investing in the cryptocurrencies, if not anything else. The digital world of crypto could be your Millennial go-to place when it comes to finding an alternative to the centralized modern day banking system. But investing in these digital coins is not the same as in the case of physical stocks. It might need you to have a bit of extra luck.

However, if you are a beginner in the world of digital finance and far from understanding the crypto economy, you would probably need to stick to this article.

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Should You Really Invest In Cryptocurrencies?

So, now that you decided to keep Cryptocurrencies in your high-key venture portfolio, make sure you buy them at the lowest price. For example, you can purchase a fraction as low as the 8th decimal of a Bitcoin at Luno or anywhere else but, don’t forget to check for your country’s sanction before you buy.

However, when you buy this crypto money for trading, expect extreme volatility (a drop of 80% or a rise of 200-300%) in the split of an hour. Secondly, be ready to stay away from cyberbullies as there is a pool of scammers all over the world-wide-interweb with the crypto fad. Thirdly, don’t expect to reap the benefit right away when the rate of your currencies run up. Here, the best thing is investing a small amount of your digital fund initially to test the returns.

Finally, there is no default brokerage account when it comes to buying and selling these electronic currencies. The good thing is, you don’t deal an expensive middleman here who can share a cut of your profit if any.

The Know-How of Investment

Say, if you are on the fence about investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins (do not take it as a recommendation), count on some time tested methods as a startup investor. But remember each one comes with its own set of risks and advantages.

  1. Buy a share from the Bitcoin Investment Trust and you can start bidding on the value of these currencies even before you own them. But here you need to pay a hefty amount of premium and some management fees.
  2. You could start betting on Bitcoins future values without even purchasing them. Just buy a contract and let it reach its term and if the crypto rate goes up, you could gain an insane amount of profit.
  3. You could also invest in ETFs that hold stocks linked to the Blockchain directly.
  4. Bitcoin mining is also gaining ground as an industry. If you are a hardware wiz, consider investing in this volatile niche.
  5. Finally, you could directly invest in the Blockchain by purchasing some crypto with a wallet. But there are some transaction fees once you start trading them using a brokerage account.

There is no perfect time for investing in cryptocurrencies and so it can be anytime. In fact, no speculation can make things easy here no matter what type of currencies you pick from the crypto palette. Maybe a little research work can help you stay ahead of the curve. For example, remember to limit your investment to an amount where you can handle the loss and short your currencies only when the price goes down. Also, make sure to look inside the intrinsic value of your crypto money, no matter you are investing in a long-term or short-term goal.

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