What Are The Benefits Of Using CDP

Every marketer knows that the key to data-driven marketing is effective data management. So, there’s no way for you to get involved with the Customer Data Platform (CDP).

CDP Overview

A Customer Data Platform will let you connect all applications for analytical and transactional purposes.

In CDP, data from a variety of sources are being used and stored to integrate applications. A CDP helps in analyzing data while creating a unified and truthful view on products, transactions, and customer behavior. The collected data are stored, modeled, deduped, and cleansed in one place.

As a piece of technology, CDP delivers a single view of all the customers’ data. It is effective in bringing all essential data together from the marketing and customer service channel that your business has. It can bring together email engagement, website behavior, location, demographics, In-store purchases, and online transactions.

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What’s The Purpose Of CDP

With the help of a CDP, a complete customer cross-channel personalization along with customer journeys is possible. As CDP incorporates with your existing CRM, you will get a truly rounded view of your customers. As a result, it’s a lot easier for you to analyze and act on the data related to your customers in one place.

Once you make the CDP part of your business, it warrants that your customization efforts are according to the extensive understanding of your customers’ behavior. This will result to increased conversions and engagement.

Are you now more interested in CDP? If yes, below are the notable benefits of CDP:

Saves Time

One of the best things that a CDP can do for your business is it saves time.

How? It takes different data points from various customer service and marketing channels with ease and as quickly as possible. Since it can integrate with your existing CRM and even other channels, all data are brought together automatically. As a result, you will have instant access to a single customer review.

No Personalization Fails

Getting the wrong key information when trying personalization will end up only to disappointment instead of the effective nurturing of relationships.

You can email product recommendations together with a certain product that your customers bought in-store, for instance, then a CDP will help you prevent any real risk. Without CDP, your personalization will fail and looks like that your messages are automated. As a result, your customers will get irritated or, worse, less likely to continue doing business with you.

Meanwhile, a CDP excels in combining online and in-store data to deliver an accurate, complete view of the customers’ buying history.

Accurate Audience Analysis

With CDP, you can have instant access to any consolidated cross-channel data. In other words, you have the power to analyze customer behavior and then find answers to the key questions about your audience.

You can use CDP to know who your most loyal customers are, which among your products or services are the most popular base on particular demographics, and who among your customers has or hasn’t recently made a purchase. Besides, you can also use this piece of technology will also help you figure out which of your customers came to the end of their subscription.

Smooth Working With Data

As you probably, you will be in a tricky situation as you try working with large data sets. Fortunately, you have no problem working with big data when you integrate a CDP with your business.

Excel, a spreadsheet application, is an effective tool to manipulate small data sets. On the other hand, working with big data through this application will not allow you to do even basic filtering. Apart from errors, memory issues, and slow down, the application may end to a complete halt since it will struggle under your data’s weight.

Be aware that Excel comes with a limitation in terms of rows and columns. Meaning, you might require to fragment the database as well as repeat the same task several times. Don’t worry. A CDP will help you eliminate these issues. For example, you can upgrade to a CDP from the spreadsheet in case you get more than 100,000 contacts in your database.

Increases Revenue

Do you want to increase your revenue? If yes, then a CDP can help you will that.

How? It lets you make smarter decisions and strategies about the way you personalize. So, you have the best time to improve customer service while increasing conversions.

With well-improve personalization, your customers will feel more connected and engaged to your brand. This will result to building loyalty as well as boosting customer lifetime value. In short, a CDP will help you make more money from your site.

Builds Real-time Behavioral Segments

If you are really serious about personalization, then a CDP can help you in terms of building segments according to real-time behavioral data.

It’s nice to know that you can use advanced segmentation as the cornerstone of your behavioral marketing. Rest assured that your customers will receive contextually and timely messages that can catch their interest.

Improves Reporting

Using a CDP, you can measure and report on ROI with ease. Since you will have cross-channel data in one place, it’s a lot easier for you to calculate the customer lifetime value.

You will have more time analyzing your reports. As a result, you can easily pinpoint the areas that need some improvements for continued success.

Predicts And Shapes Behavior

A CDP will give you impressive results from the outset with improved use. As it utilizes machine learning, it understands your customers more effectively. So, this will let you predict and shape the behavior of your customers and drive more profits in all customer journey stages.


With the help of the Customer Data Platform, you have the best opportunity to access and analyze your customer behavior. So, you can leverage your strategies with your data while personalizing your marketing. You can also expect improved customer experience, increased customer loyalty, and more conversion and revenue.

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