Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received

Talking to and getting advice from other business leaders is essential to succeeding in any field. Few, if any, have gotten far without help and most of us have one key piece of advice that stuck with us. Let’s hear the best advice these business owners have heard in their time in the field.

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John Wu, Co-Founder Gryphon

Always trust your gut. You can ask as much advice about anything as you want, but at the end of day it’s just you making the decision. Put your instincts first and don’t let anyone get too much inside your head. That’s when you start second guessing yourself and making poor decisions.

Shaun Price, Head Of Customer Acquisition MitoQ

When starting out, focus on the small goals. Aiming too high too soon will feel like you’re always falling short. Set yourself realistic and achievable goals in the short term to carry you through to the next phase of your business.

Lindsay McCormick, Founder And CEO Bite

Seek a mentor. Having someone in your court to bounce ideas off of can do a lot for your understanding of your industry and can help you make quick connections early on. Very few make it entirely on their own, and those that do eventually need advice from outside perspectives.

Jeff S. Goodwin, Vice President Of Direct To Consumer And Performance Marketing Orgain

When seeking new business or new partnerships, be charming and persistent but not annoying. That means always following up and trying more than once. Persistence shows that you value their partnership and connection and that you are a reliable communicator.

Eli Schurder, CEO And Co-Founder Soundsuite

Let your business ideas come to you. If you are an entrepreneurial-minded person, your perfect idea will come naturally by way of exploring your interests in business and passions in life. Be patient and trust you’ll find a path that works for you.

Marc Atiyeh, CEO Pawp

The best advice I’ve ever received is to hire people who are smarter than you. That may sound odd, but I firmly believe there should be no ego in business. The goal should be to assemble a team who can do things you can’t do — who can do things better than you. If you can trust in your team entirely, you can cut out time wasted micromanaging and focus on what you really need to do.

Dylan Trussell, CMO Culprit Underwear

Take customer feedback to heart. These are the people using your products and their experience using it should be an important part of how you make decisions moving forward. Listen to your customers, get to know them and you’ll have a much more inclusive product to offer your client base.

Courtney Buhler, CEO & Founder Sugarlash Pro

When choosing business partners, make sure you are choosing the right people. These should be individuals you trust with your business and with the vision you’ve created for it. Surrounding yourself with people who ultimately bring you down will result in your business failing or not reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Tyler Hayden, Read Founder PT Pioneer

Being humble is an important quality for any person or business leader, but if you believe in your product and the work you’re doing, don’t be afraid to take pride and confidence in what you do. True confidence comes from a security in knowing that you believe in yourself and your ideas. Let that show through as much as possible when managing your team or seeking new clients.

James Sun, Founder Beauty Tap

If you’re wondering whether to start a business or move forward with an idea, don’t wait for someone to tell you it’s ok. Move on your dreams and make them happen! If you’ve got a great idea or opportunity that you feel passionate about, move on it and don’t wait for permission. No one is going to give it but you.

Olivia Young, Head of Product Design Conscious Items

Make new relationships with other business owners as much as possible. Go to lunches, coffee meets, drinks or mixers, whatever you can find to network with other professionals in your field. The stronger network you build the more directions you can take your business later on.

Omid Semino, CEO Diamond Mansion

Running a business is hard work and if you aren’t excited about what you’re doing, your efforts are going to fall flat. Line your business up with your values as an individual so you can make a positive impact with your company.

Lucas Nudel, Founder & CEO Pride Palace

Be aware of your impact on the environment. All businesses have a responsibility to consume wisely and fight for environmentally sustainable ways to manufacture, distribute and and deliver their products. Collectively, we can make a difference in the way we treat our planet if business owners take responsibility for how they run their companies.

Ryan Rockefeller, CEO And Co-Founder Of Cleared

Anyone in a leadership position is always going to be scrutinized by their team and the public. This puts on a lot of pressure but it’s important to remember that authenticity is valued highly from people in positions of power. Remember to be yourself and face challenges head on.

Ryan Fink, CEO Streem

Don’t let naysayers bring you down. There are always going to be people who try to make you second guess yourself. Learn to recognize when someone is putting you down so you can let it roll off your shoulders easily. No business leader has time to be brought down by someone who doesn’t understand their ideas.

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