The Best Email Outreach Techniques

How does it feel when you send hundreds of outreach emails and you don’t get a single response? It sucks, right? Well, we’ll make you feel better, by telling you-you’re not the only one. There are many marketers out there who just seem to get no progress at all. And all of them need just a few tips and techniques to finally have things work out in their favor.

However, when it comes to marketing the first thing that you and your clients should have is definitely patience. Without patience, there’s really no marketing, because you can’t expect instant results in such a competitive world.

The second key thing to success is to get equipped with the right marketing strategy. If you don’t have a marketing strategy customized for your target audience, you’ll get no feedback whatsoever. Therefore, the right marketing strategy combined with patience has the potential of bringing you fruitful results, sales, brand recognition, and clients.

Backlinko’s research claims that only 8.5% of all outreach emails receive a response. This means that most of your emails get deleted or ignored. So, if you want influencers to respond to your cold emails, read your content or, even better, you get to that stage when you secure a backlink, you’ll have to be smart, patient and persistent.

Think that’s hard? See how we make it simple with some useful email outreach tactics. After analyzing a load of outreach emails, we’ve come to the conclusion that these 4 simple tricks actually work.

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1.  Use A Long Subject Line

Did you know that emails with a long subject line are 24.6% more likely to get a response compared to outreach emails with short subject lines? Data backs it up – the subject line should sum up your request or content. You should be concise, up to the point and what’s most important – unique.

The subject line should be different from the tons of email subjects that influencers get on a daily level. The truth is, if you want to be read, you have to stand out and write something appealing which will catch their attention. Bear in mind that honesty is also key when it comes to writing the subject line, so if you are dishonest from the very start (or sound like it, at least), then you are definitely getting rejected.

Also, the subject line should be personalized, mentioning the name of the recipient. Such a subject line will look something like this: “Chris, can you answer this quick question about a guest post?” This is an honest, personal and long subject line which has the potential to be answered.

2.  Pick The Right Time For Sending Outreach Emails

Case studies confirm that most emails are sent on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and most get responses within the first hour of sending. So, to have an efficient outreach email strategy, you’ll have to pick these days. Also, have in mind that outreach emails have significantly less success on weekends.


In addition, the time of day you send the email is also important. According to research conducted by CoSchedule the best times to send emails are 6 am, 10 am and 2 pm. Keep in mind that the timezone of the influencer you are sending an email to may be different than yours. You should adjust to their timezone, or just schedule the email to be sent at the best time for sending emails, mentioned above.

However, you shouldn’t stick to these days and times of the day if you get no results. What may be functional for one marketing campaign, might bring no results to another and that’s the reason why you should experiment and do some A/B testing to see what works best.

3.  Write A Concise Pitch

When writing an outreach email, bear in mind that less is more. If you are reaching out influencers, one thing’s for sure – they don’t have much time to spend reading emails. That’s why you should be short, concise and direct in your pitch. You can use bullet points in order to keep the text clear.

Also, short paragraphs are a must if you don’t want to bore the reader. However, what’s very important is that your writing is also intriguing and eye-catching. If you keep these two points in mind, you will most definitely get a positive response.

4.  Skip The Templates

Let’s be honest. If you’re using templates, your outreach emails will be neither unique nor authentic. This means that you are most likely to be ignored or rejected. While there is nothing bad in using templates, the turnout rates may not be satisfying. The chances are the influencer you’re trying to reach out to has already got hundreds of outreach emails written following a template.

And, as we’ve mentioned before, the whole point of being recognized is not blending in with your competitors, but on the contrary – being different. Why don’t you take your time and create your own template which will work the best? You can check what is already out there are using some techniques in creating your own framework for writing outreach emails.

5.  Use A Business Email

If you want to run a successful outreach campaign you can’t be using Gmail, Hotmail or other free email hosting platforms. People will instantly view your email as lower quality and higher risk. Ideally, you should be using your business domain name.

You can get cheap and reliable email hosting easily here, once you’ve got that set up you can start emailing from This will drastically improve the response rate and success rate of your outreach campaigns. Professional email hosting can be very cheap and is worth every penny.


To sum up, every marketing technique includes strategy and patience. The same goes for writing an outreach email. So, if you want influencers to get back to you, just follow these points, it’s as simple as that!

  • Write emails on Wednesdays at 10 am. Those are the most likely to get a response
  • Personalize the subject line and explain your intent, include the recipient’s name
  • Be honest, short and concise
  • Uniqueness and authenticity are always recognized
  • Take time to create your own customized outreach email templates in order to stand out from the crowd

Now that you know all about the best email outreach techniques, why not implement them in your strategy and see how it goes?

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