Best Software For HOA Management Companies

Running an HOA management company can encompass a lot of different responsibilities, be it administrative or decision making.  Modern technology can be the deciding factor on whether or not you’re able to effectively run your HOA management company and ultimately stay in business. Let’s take a look at some of today’s best software to help your firm stay successful in the long-term.

HOA Management Software Article Image


1. Buildium

Buildium is one of the best-ranked HOA management software platforms in the community. It allows association properties to streamline management of home sales, maintenance, regulations, and more. Buildium’s online portal allows for automated collection of HOA fees. This software is used by over 300,000 association units throughout the country.

2. PayHOA

If you’re looking to increase communication and financial automation within your HOA, PayHOA is a great product. The software provides a free website to meet each HOA’s unique needs through online payments and streamlined email communications and text messages.

3. Wild Apricot

This incredible HOA software is in use by over 7,300 associations because of its ease of use, time-saving automation, and professional quality. Wild Apricot offers live support and cloud data storage so that you’re never stuck without a backup plan. It also allows you to automate more than 75% of your administrative tasks like due collection and event registrations.

4. Rentec Direct

This software is incredibly useful to property managers and HOA management companies alike. You can utilize it for electronic fee collection, synchronization of bank accounts, tax and accounting management, and more. Best of all, it includes a 2-week trial.

5. EmpoweredHOA

Nothing allows for more efficient HOA management than EmpoweredHOA. Whether you’re looking to streamline community management, store documents, enforce violations, communicate with your community or outside maintenance vendors, or use its powerful accounting features, EmpoweredHOA can benefit you immediately.

6. Bitrix24

If you want to improve communication, community moral and participation, or simply take advantage of the more than 35 business tools that Bitrix offers, you’re in luck. This software connects your community to an online portal where members can discuss issues, chat with separate groups, vote on HOA initiatives, and more. Connectivity is king, and Bitrix24 keeps your community tight-knit.

7. HOA Express

In the digital age, a strong internet presence is a key to success. HOA associations all over the world rely on HOA Express to help build a website with simple, friendly-to-use tools and techniques.

8. AppFolio Property Manager

When it comes to successfully growing your business, a fully-mobile, stress-reducing, automation-increasing software program can do wonders. AppFolio stands as one of the most effective tools for due collections, violation tracking and enforcing, board structuring, and task-management. Plus, they offer a free trial and training services.

9. BoardSpace

Organization is critical when it comes to keeping your business afloat. BoardSpace is a great product that acts as a share-drive system like Google Documents but with additional useful features. For instance, you can save and transform a document, send it through to all board members, and then search the entire shared-drive’s history of documents for any information you need for decision making or analysis.

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