Best Ways To Learn Digital Marketing

With the evolution of digitization in the past two years, and easy access to smartphones, laptops, the internet, etc., digital marketing has critically transformed the entire marketing industry. Most companies and organizations are inclined toward Digital Marketing to upscale their reach and sell products and services.

The upsurge of digital marketing will stay unabated for the next few decades, if not more. If you want to build a career out of the skill, make passive income, or even learn more about digital marketing and implement it to create a personal brand, you have landed on the right page. Let’s begin by understanding what Digital Marketing is.

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What Is Digital Marketing?

This type of marketing covers a variety of concepts such as SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. Various brands, companies, and organizations use these concepts to sell their products, services, brand strategies, etc.

Marketing on digital platforms helps such brands reach a larger audience, interact with them, and develop their marketing based on how they engage with their content. The tactics and techniques of traditional marketing are inherently implemented on digital platforms and newer trends. Hence, we call it digital marketing.

This blog will dive deep to look at some of the best ways to learn digital marketing in 2022.

Different Ways To Learn Digital Marketing For Beginners

1. Certified Online Courses (Free And Paid)

Online courses are the best option if you look forward to learning digital marketing from the basics.

Multiple free and paid courses are available online to match your needs.

Some of the free online courses to learn digital marketing is –

  • Free Digital Marketing Basics course from Udemy
  • Digital Marketing online course from Google Digital Unlocked
  • Digital Marketing Free Online Course with Certification from UpGrad

Some of the paid online courses are –

  • LinkedIn Learning Programs
  • Digital Marketing Specialization by University of Illinois
  • The Complete Digital Marketing course from Udemy
  • Digital Marketing Courses from Skill Share

Online Courses offer you a certificate at the end of the program, which adds value to your resume. With the certificate, you can move on to the next level by applying for an internship and gaining hands-on experience.

2. Read Blogs

There are a plethora of resourceful Digital Marketing blogs available online. Such blogs are extremely useful in learning the various concepts of Digital Marketing and keeping you updated with the latest trends.

Reading blogs can also help you gain insights into blog content and push you to start your blog. Few of the blogs that you can follow to learn digital marketing from are…

  • Neil Patel’s Blog
  • The Moz Blog
  • MeasureSchool

Our special recommendation would go to MeasureSchool as they really go in-depth on certain digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.

They are mostly recognized for their Google Tag Manager articles.

3. YouTube Videos

If you look forward to learning digital marketing free of cost, YouTube is the simplest and easiest way to get started with it.

It offers tons of videos, free courses, and qualitative tutorials to learn digital marketing. Being a part of a generation of digitization, it never hurts to leverage the power of online video content available on YouTube to expand your knowledge and learn new skills.

Few of the Youtube channels that create content around Digital Marketing are –

  • HubSpot
  • Neil Patel
  • Digital Marketer

4. Webinars

Webinars on topics related to Digital Marketing are held by experts that give deep insights into the subject, starting from the basics to the advanced level.

Attending such webinars can help enhance your knowledge and understand the concepts clearly.

5. Learn Digital Marketing Through Marketing Schools

Marketing schools offer comprehensive and easy-to-learn courses and blogs on various topics and tools related to Digital Marketing. There are a lot of resourceful and verified marketing schools available online.

Ways To Learn Digital Marketing For Intermediate Learners

1. Begin With Your Own Blog

If you have a basic knowledge of Digital Marketing and want to apply your skills to build a brand of yours by writing content on topics you like, starting a blog of your own can give you a head-start.

Once you have decided the topic for your blog, created a website, and published a few blog posts, digital marketing strategies like SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, etc., come to play.

2. Get Internships

The internship is the best way to apply your knowledge of digital marketing to use. You get to work under a digital marketing expert and gain deeper insights into the industry while enhancing your skills.

3. MBA In Digital Marketing

If you are a graduate and looking forward to gaining a post-graduate degree in Digital Marketing, MBA in Digital marketing could be a great way to head-start your career.

4. Keep Yourself Updated (Trends, Influencers)

Apart from taking courses on digital marketing, you can also learn a lot just by observing influencers, their creative ideas to promote products, and the trends they use. Such observation can help you be more creative with your digital marketing strategies and do wonders in gaining traction toward your brand.

5. Freelancing

If you are confident with your knowledge and digital marketing strategies, freelance is one of the best ways to enhance your skills and gain money. You can take up projects related to SEO, Social media marketing, content marketing for a company or an individual having a personal brand and website, Influencer marketing for a startup, etc.

Wrap Up

The future demands for more digital marketing experts are keeping the scope higher. Now that you know some of the best ways to learn digital marketing, keep your goals in mind, pick out the best option for yourself, and GET STARTED!

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