How To Build Your Personal Brand In 9 Minutes Each Day [Infographic]

Developing a personal brand has changed a lot in recent years since now much of the process takes place online. These days it’s relatively easy to create a personal brand, and I can’t even imagine how people did it back in the ’90s before blogging and social media took over the Internet. Several months ago I wrote about a personal branding strategy in Follow Me: How To Create A Personal Brand On Twitter. It is based on the book by bestselling author Sarah-Jayne Gratton.

Today I’d like to share another personal branding perspective. This one is also based on a book. It’s called Ditch Dare Do, which is focused on personal branding for executives. It’s based on the premise that by creating a strong personal brand, executives will greatly increase their influence. This will of course lead to a much higher rate of effectiveness at work, which will ultimately lead to a much happier career.

They’ve created this infographic below called Build Your Brand In 9 Minutes A Day. It will not only show you how to set yourself apart from everyone else, but it will also show you how to do that in only 9 minutes each day. If you have a busy schedule, this is definitely something that could help you optimize the time you spend developing your personal brand.

Each one of these columns has a list of activities. Some of these activities will require more than 9 minutes, but they can be broken into 9 minute chunks of time. If you just spend 9 minutes on this each day, you will slowly but surely begin to develop your own personal brand. This is a great time management strategy for anyone who wants to learn how to do this. Good luck!

How To Build Your Personal Brand In 9 Minutes Each Day

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