Become A Bitcoin Affiliate And Earn Money With Your Website

With Bitcoin’s recent rise in value, the demand for the cryptocurrency has intensified. This has been compounded by the ability to short Bitcoin using derivatives and other trading methods. If you want to get involved in the crypto but do not want to put too much of your own money at risk, one way you can do this is to become an affiliate for a Bitcoin-related business.

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How Affiliate Programs Work

Affiliate programs are nothing new, and there are literally hundreds and thousands, possibly millions of programs out there for all manner of goods and services. The idea is that you become an affiliate for a site and host their link. When it is clicked, and the user performs specific actions on the site you’re an affiliate for, you get paid.

To find a good Bitcoin trading site start with BitcoinAffiliate and work your way through them to find the right one or ones for you.

You’ll find plenty of choice from trading platforms, mining, to online betting services.

What Can I Expect To Earn As A Bitcoin Affiliate?

Once you’ve identified which trading affiliate programs are the most popular you should check to see what they offer as part of their affiliate program.

Some are straightforward commissions, say 10% revenue share with a further lifetime revenue share of up to 30%.

Others, however, have tiered programs that enable you to earn money far in excess of standard revenue share schemes.

In essence, how much you earn is dependent on two things:

  • How much traffic you can send to the sites that you’re an affiliate for.
  • How good the site is at converting the traffic you send into paying clients.

This leads us nicely into the requirements you are going to have to prove to become an affiliate. You may want to visit before applying if you are unfamiliar with the dynamics of the crypto.

Becoming A Crypto Affiliate And Earning Money

To become an affiliate, many sites want to see that it is worth their while. You will in all probability have to show that you that your website receives X amount of visitors per month and that the subject matter is related to Bitcoin and finance.

Furthermore, they put down strict conditions to how you can use the link. They may exclude using it in pay per click campaigns or restrict the language you can use in an ad campaign.

Many businesses may offer a range of graphics such as different size banners which you can use to link to their site, maximizing the chances of a click and indeed earning money from a resulting sale.

Creatively Use Your Affiliate Link To Maximize Sales

As well as your website you may want to consider the following use of an affiliate link to earn money form Crypto:

  • E-shots – Put the link in an email newsletter to those you feel could be interested in your offering.
  • Blogs – Create a blog post about your affiliation and promote the link within it. Maybe highlight rewards to create interest and drive traffic.
  • PPC campaign. You may want to experiment with Google and Facebook Ads to drive commissions.

Always ensure you stay within the rules laid down by the Bitcoin company as this could affect your payments.

If you are interested in even more business-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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