Brand Marketing & Advertising On Instagram Is A Win-Win

Most businesses have hopped on the social media train as they have discovered, so many people are using it, and it has been a great way to advertise, and use targeted marketing to get their point across. Over the past year, businesses have been using popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Instagram has been growing in popularity among users as it is its own social network revolving around photo and video sharing, which seems to have attracted more influencers because commenting of pictures on Instagram is popular for everyone.

Instagram became so popular that Facebook acquired it for a cool billion dollars in 2016. So even though Instagram is part of the Facebook ad network it has a complete set of different rules than Facebook, and how it advertises. If you’ve tried advertising and marketing on Facebook or YouTube, and have had some success there, but want to branch out into a new market, then Instagram is most likely the best bet.

Today, we will be going over a quick strategy for Instagram for your advertising and marketing goals to help put your brand ahead this 2018; so let’s get started.

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Instagram Strategy Is A Unique Style Of Advertising

You have to remember that Instagram’s ad offerings reveal what is unique and Zen for that particular moment you will be using it. Engaging customers on the Instagram platform and creating loyalists to your brand involves following these points to create your own strategy.

Maintain A Constant Presence In Your Targeted Market

When you are using your brand, make sure it lines up with the targeted audience, all while maintaining a constant presence on the Instagram platform. This includes having regular offerings, having constant hours, and feeding followers consistent information because it can increase followers to your brand.

Search For Your Ideal Influencers

These influencers should help achieve your goal at reaching the key demographic. You need to make sure they are either a growing sensation, or have a sizeable following already. Of course, it’s important to look at their engagement rate; higher rates show they are connected with their audience.

One of the most important aspects is that they can relate to your brand and your particular niche. However, if you are having a problem connecting with an influencer because you have a unique niche you can use a secondary method that connects to your brand in a related way. For example, if you happen to be in the business of installing solar panels, you could connect with an eco-friendly influencer to help spread awareness of your brand.

Focus On Your Goals While Maintaining Your Transparency

There are a variety of influencer marketing campaigns you can launch, but it’s important to remember to stay on point to get the product or service across to an influencer’s audience. By allowing your influencer to educate their followers about your brand, this will build trust. Transparency may come as an ease between brands and influencers as an influencer can tag your brand as a paid partnership, which simplifies the process.

Use Attribution Models To Ensure Success In The Campaign

This is pretty much giving credit to where credit is due based upon a set of rules and conversions based on touch points. You can check out more about the attribution models from Google Analytics.

Final Thoughts

Just about every social media platform has its benefits today, but Instagram keeps growing in popularity. It’s easier than ever for brands to connect with influencers to get their message across, bringing up campaign success while bringing down marketing and advertising costs making it a win-win for brands this 2018.

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