Ultimate Guide To Better Facebook Ad Targeting Campaigns [Infographic]

If you are looking to utilize Facebook to increase your brand or product awareness then your most important concern is the amount you will have to spend in order to get a good return. This is something that most startup and company owners think about. Well, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg in order to reach out to an audience that is actually into what you want to offer them. In fact, there are probably more you can do to get a better return while still spending less money. In this article, we are going to take a look at a Facebook ad targeting guide that was recently made available by AdvertiseMint. By utilizing this guide when you plan your marketing strategy you can save big.

AdvertiseMint, a Facebook advertising agency released its internal guide “A Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting,” a Facebook ad targeting guide that helps advertisers understand and unlock Facebook’s vast targeting options.

The Facebook ad targeting guide contains 850 Facebook ad targeting options segmented into the main categories demographics, connections, interests, custom audiences, and behaviors:

  • Demographics targeting options include age, gender, interest, and language, among many others.
  • Connections targeting options include individuals who liked a brand’s Facebook page or app. Targeting options also include the friends of those high-interest individuals.
  • Interest targeting options include individuals who are interested in a brand or who are likely to be interested in a brand. Other targeting options include categories like movies, music, sports, games, and shopping, among many others.
  • Custom Audiences targeting options include existing customers who are also Facebook users by uploading a customer contact list.
  • Behaviors targeting options include individuals with particular behaviors such as automotive, purchase, mobile, or financial behaviors, among many others.

These five main categories are divided into various detailed categories, including political views, purchase behaviors, relationship statuses, and residential profiles. AdvertiseMint’s free targeting guide is available in two formats: a high-res infographic and a printable 3-paged PDF.

With AdvertiseMint’s Facebook ad targeting guide, advertisers can reach a high-interest audience and save money on their ad campaigns.

“We use this guide with our own ad campaigns and witnessed our costs decrease and our returns increase. This guide is packed with so much valuable information. Every advertiser should use it to reach the right audience,” said AdvertiseMint’s Founder and CEO, Brian Meert.

Unlocking Facebook’s targeting options is indeed an advertising advantage. In fact, many advertisers who have used Facebook ad targeting saved money on their ads. [pullquote]Coca-Cola, for example, found that Facebook ads are three times more cost-effective than TV advertising and six times more cost-effective than other digital video advertising.[/pullquote] During its Facebook ad campaign, Coke increased its individual reach by 42% while using only 3.5% of its budget.

“Our partnership with Facebook on this particular project was extremely successful… We are delighted with the results of this project and our continuing partnership with Facebook Africa,” said Sharon Keith, marketing director at Coca-Cola Southern Africa.

Not only is Facebook ad targeting saving money on advertising, but it is also doubling revenue. Temraza, an award-winning Egyptian fashion house specializing in handmade evening and bridal dresses, used Facebook ad targeting tools to reach a niche market: wealthy women ages 18-60 who showed interest in unique and elegant clothing. With Facebook ad targeting, Temraza’s sales increased by 55% in six months, doubling her revenue.

“Facebook has helped Temraza develop into a global fashion brand that addresses the international market,” Temraza said.

Facebook advertising allows advertisers to target specific groups of highly engaged individuals with an 89% accuracy. With AdvertiseMint’s “A Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting,” advertisers can find the right customers across devices, deliver relevant messages to high-interest people, and save money on ads.

For more Facebook advertising best practices, please visit AdvertiseMint’s blog at AdvertiseMint website. – AdvertiseMint – a Facebook advertising agency.

The Ultimate Facebook Ad Targeting Guide

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