Let Your Business On Amazon Soar High Using These 6 Tips

The e-commerce is growing impressively each day. Amazon is the world’s largest online retail selling site and is attracting more sellers and buyers. Its popularity is rising on every close of business. Most people, however, think they are buying from Amazon but Nah. Amazon doesn’t own anything. You are simply buying from a third party seller. Amazon is a platform where you connect. In layman’s language, it’s a middleman. Becoming an Amazon seller is quite easy unfortunately I can’t say the same about making sales.

That’s why we have compiled these 6 tips that will see your business rise in Amazon. So let’s get going.

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1. Sell With FBA

Fulfillment By Amazon is a program where you send all your merchandise into Amazon. When it sells it, Amazon ships it for you. The best thing with FBA is that they handle customer service and also the communications, returns and handle the refunds from customers. The FBA fees are however are much higher that merchant fulfilled but trust me you will make greater profits.

2. Follow The Rules

Every market has rules and regulations and so does Amazon. Amazon has stable rules, unlike eBay which keeps on changing therefore once you get them they are easy to understand and follow. The specific policies are entailed in the Seller Central through the help button. They are important to guide all your Amazon activities.

3. Consider Taking The Amazing Selling Machine

This is an online training program that has amazing e-commerce courses. Such include, become Success Academy, Zero Up, 7 Figure Cycle among many others. These courses are all amazing in their own right. The Amazing Selling Machine 10 is not cheap but once you loin and become a member, the training and community you get will take your business to the next level.

4. Answer Customer Communications Faster

A customer is the king in any business. Whenever you get a question from a customer, Amazon wants you to answer it within 24 hours. Your customer’s questions are well available through the Seller Central thus respond to them in time to avoid risking a demerit on your account.

5. Describe The Products Accurately

This might seem like it’s no-brainer but trust me the customers are very quick to notice the slightest difference between the product you are delivering and what is in the description list. Once they notice this means more returns and negative feedback. You actually risk your account suspension from Amazon.

6. Request Customers To Give You Feedback

Who doesn’t want compliments? Complains as well will come through but they help you serve the next customer with more excellence. Amazon customers occasionally send you feedback unless you ask them. There are many tools for this service, including Feedback Five application tool. It automatically sends out emails to each customer requesting them for a chance to fix any challenge they get with the product. It increases your customer’s confidence.

Well, if you utilize the above tips you will definitely experience a change as an Amazon seller. This is a list we will grow more to help you get the best of your market. Taking care of the simple things like getting feedback changes the attitude a customer has towards you. It can even make you get a referral in place of a return.

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