Getting Your Business Noticed During The Holidays And Beyond

Standing out from the competition is not always easy. Business owners are striving for ways to come to the foreground against the backdrop of many other businesses. This means working all the angles in drawing attention to your store and having a savvy marketing and advertising plan that highlights the best in what your business has to offer.

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Leave No Stone Unturned: Traditional Marketing Tools That Work

Custom flags are a traditional marketing tool that has proven effective year after year, especially during the holidays. Christmas shoppers are always on the prowl for a good deal and what better way to advertise your holiday sale than through a variety of flags customized for your business? If yours is a brick and mortar location that can use a little bit of holiday cheer through use of one from the many of collection of mixed flags that draw consumers, you should know that there is a 20 foot tall Santa just waiting for your business name and logo.

Despite the fact that they have been around for years prior to the internet, “feather flags” continue to include a range of flags and banners used both large and small businesses to draw attention to events and promotions. Since the growth of the internet,  they have become more affordable and can provide your company with a wide range of options for purchase and customization.

National flag makers offer design tools online make the customization process simple and easy, allowing retail businesses to produce professional and attractive banners that say exactly what you want to say to draw holiday shoppers to your location.  Adding flags to your brick and mortar business is a fun, easy, and affordable marketing strategy that can give you a significant return on your time and investment.

Share The Holiday Spirit: Use Hashtags To Promote Your Company’S Social Good Works

Feel good stories matter, and if your company is doing some philanthropic work this season, you may want to use hashtags to get the word out. Hashtags draw attention to the specific social good work that is done or supported by your company and allows your loyal consumers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn about what you are doing. Socially responsible behavior and altruistic work performed on behalf of the community is always a draw, especially for millennial customers who see such behavior as a reason to buy into a company.

Millennials, more than generations before, are more likely to research the issues a company supports and investigate the extent to which the company contributes. The use of hashtags provides access to information for individuals who want to become involved or who want to know more about what your company stands for.

Feel Good Stories: Meaningful Experiences Your Audience Should Know About.

Blogs, videos, and shared content also draw attention to your business site by promoting great stories that customers want to hear. Consumers who demand socially responsible behavior love to see the fruits of their labor. Many are willing to pay more for items that are purchased from companies that sponsor brands your audience cares about. These may be products or brands associated with your own, or they may be causes closely aligned to your product or service.

Adding a blog to your business website allows you to discuss the contributions your company makes to charity or explain the eco-friendly practices it has adopted. What was once an “extra” in marketing and advertising, regular content posts that share feel-good stories allows your consumers to understand your personal commitment to better business practices.

You can also highlight the triumphs of individual employees, share heartwarming stories about the value of your donations, advertise your gift-matching program, or encourage volunteerism through employee release days. All of these things will help keep your business in the public eye for all the right reasons.

Promote Good Cheer: Keep Up The Customer Service

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but for many shoppers, the holidays mean stress and difficulty. Adjusting your business practices to respond to changing customer preferences can be of huge benefit in the long run. Nothing expands and improves your market and gets you noticed like providing the best in customer service.

Experiment with holiday changes to find what works best for you and your company. It may be offering more payment options, streamlining your cart building process, or improving the product photos and descriptions in your online store.

It may include something as simple as offering business cards that include incentives for your in-person customers to explore your brand online or offering free shipping during select days during the holiday season. For many holiday shoppers, purchase experience is more important than the price point, so modify your business practices to highlight that experience.

Encouraging your consumers to buy into your brand and your business means that you promote your story and give them a reason to want to engage with you as a long-term, loyal consumer. What are some things you value as a consumer? Feel free to share here.

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