Best Working Mobile Advertising Formats [Infographic]

We write a lot about how you can increase traffic and interaction on your website through various forms of optimization. Something that we haven’t touched very much is the monetization of your website. There are probably as many ways to make money off of your website as there are ideas running around in your head, if that make sense. Furthermore, the fact that mobile devices are becoming more popular means we should probably look a lot more at the impact and optimization of mobile advertising formats.

As we get more mobile, we will also be more receptive to mobile advertising formats. No matter what format you put your promotion in, there are always people who are going to want to check it out. But there are some mobile advertising formats that are more appealing to people than others. It’s just a matter of finding out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to this new way of reaching customers.

More and more companies and brands are locking into this new way of advertising. Some don’t even know about it yet, which is a shame really. Why? Because mobile advertising could become a huge revenue stream for every company present on the Internet. We here at Bit Rebels have tried a few mobile websites, but we have not had too much luck with them so far. They always seem to fluke out somehow, but we’re constantly looking to work this issue out. So what this means, and just to update you on the matter, in the near future you will find Bit Rebels to be fast and optimized for your mobile device as well.

When it comes to mobile advertising formats, we still need to consult an infographic that goes into detail about what which ones to choose, and what formats are most appealing to mobile users. The mobile advertising infographic that we will consult is called What Works In Rich Media Mobile Advertising?, and it is presented by Celtra.

The engagement rates when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking services can be directly compared to mobile advertising formats. The fact is that vertical mobile advertising formats have almost the exact same engagement rate as Twitter has (12.8%). This is by all means a serious amount of engagement compared to that of traditional desktop or laptop ads. Have a look through this quite interesting infographic and incorporate the most engaging mobile advertising formats available. It could mean a huge boost in advertising revenue. Having the right ads in the right places can truly mean a huge difference. Don’t waste valuable advertising equity on ads that don’t perform well. Use this “guide” to better understand mobile advertising formats.

Celtra’s Best Mobile Advertising Formats

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