Make Your Business Ready For 2020 And Switch Your Landline To Calling Over The Internet

The innovations in every sector keep on coming. Everything’s changing and going fast-fast-fast! Then why are you still calling your business partners on your landline? Maybe the answer is because that’s what you’ve always done. Maybe the answer is because you don’t want to give your clients your personal phone number. Understandable, but did you know there’s another option? Let us explain the handiest business telephony (translated to Dutch: zakelijke telefonie) options.

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Using The Internet To Call

Do you still have an interoffice telephone? Then we understand that you don’t want to stop using this when it’s still functioning. Nevertheless, you can update this telephone so everyone in the office can start calling over the internet. You can keep your number and you’ll soon realize that calling over the internet gives you a way better connection than normal calling. It is the future, after all. You can also choose Hosted VoIP and switch to an interoffice telephone in the cloud. This way, you skip all the maintenance costs and investments needed.

Pros Of VoIP calling

VoIP calling (translated to Dutch: VoIP bellen) is super handy. As mentioned before, the connection is great when you’re calling online, but there are tons of other pros. For instance, you start saving on your calls. If you call a lot between different locations in the same company, those are costs that are completely omitted with VoIP calling.

VoIP also gives you access to new functions, like seeing online which of your colleagues are online and available to take a call. Another super handy function is integrating your mobile phone and your landline. This way, you can call customers or business partners with your mobile phone, while using your landline number. Super handy for busy people that are always on the move, but don’t want everyone to have their personal number.

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