How To Encourage Customers To Call First Before You Call

Encouraging customers to call may seem like an outdated way to go forward with your business, but inbound calls from customers can have a lot of value. More often than not, customers who pick up the phone will be more engaged and are more likely to become a paying client to your business. Here are some ways that you can engage your target customer base to make your inbound calls soar.

Click-To-Call Advertising

Many major online platforms understand how and why customers are attracted to call options, and this means that there are now more opportunities than ever to boost calls from internet sources. Of course, some will yield greater results than others. For example, you would expect a targeted ad on Google to gain your company more inquiries than a click from a less popular site. This is a convenient option in many ways; the customer will not have to remember your number, you can convert web traffic into direct telephone communication, you can get detailed analytics about your callers, and international numbers can be dialed without any hassle.

Have A Number That’s Memorable

[pullquote]Spending time and money marketing your company is always a worthwhile investment, and one of the best ways to achieve a greater return is to adopt a company number that is memorable.[/pullquote] These are known as ‘vanity numbers’ and can work on a local and a national scale for businesses of every size. There are multiple benefits of 0800 numbers, for example. In fact, by using a 0800 number, your inbound calls can increase by up to 85% because they are free, have national appeal and are trusted by customers. Companies such as Capital Telecom can provide you with a 0800 number for a reasonable monthly price as well as comprehensive call handling packages.

Targeted Text Ads

Encourage your customers to pick up the phone to you by using text ads. These are often the first thing a customer sees but whether or not they click on them depends on how relevant your message is. By developing a strategy with call-only advertisements, you will target customers by making it clear that, by clicking, they will be taken directly to you rather than to another website. Use call to action phrases such as “speak to a representative today” or “call us for free” and when clicked, these should lead to a landing page that continues to emphasize the importance of a call.

Phone-Focused Calls To Action

When it comes to briefing your marketing team, remind them that call-based inquiries are more likely to lead to sales. By discussing options with a sales representative over the telephone, customers will have a more personalized experience than they would via a contact form or an email. As the previous point explains, phone-focused call to action phrases will encourage more calls from prospective customers who want to find out more. Know the importance of A/B testing when it comes to CTAs as this process allows you to establish which of your chosen phrases is gaining the most calls from customers and therefore, ultimately, more sales.

Be Upfront With The Cost Of Your Calls

If you’re relying on direct calls from customers, you should always be honest with how much it’s going to cost them. People will admire your honesty and transparency and be more likely to call you if they know they’re not paying over the odds. With a new simplified call system that was put in place from 1st July 2015, customers can now calculate the exact cost of their call to you by understanding the access charge and the service charge, but it is also down to you to ensure that you advertise your call rate information clearly. Remember that freephone numbers will make your business even more accessible and will provide a nationwide appeal.

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