Is Your Cash Transit Firm Following These Safety Procedures?

Your cash is of the greatest importance to you and you would never hand it over to someone you cannot rely on to keep them safe. No doubt would you ask for identification and the necessary guarantees for absolute security during the cash transit or at least some insurance against any sort of risk. Such guarantee starts and ends with professional and trained cash in transit personnel.

When we expect someone to keep our money safe, we expect them to do their very best. But, as with everything, not everyone or every organization can be trusted in keeping your valuable assets thoroughly secure. It is extremely important that when you pick your collecting and delivery company that you do you research and inspect the company’s transit security standards.

In this article, we will list a few things that you should require in order to fully trust that your money is being protected and that they reach their intended destination.

Assessment Procedure For Possible Risk

Going over possibly risk scenarios will put your mind at ease and possibly also patch up any security holes. This does not only concern transit companies but could be a lifesaver for any company that handles small or large amounts of cash or data.

It’s quite simple. When asking yourself -“How would you handle an unforeseen risk situation if you were not prepared for it?”, you should feel confident enough to say that you have thought of almost everything that could possibly go wrong. [pullquote]As you come up with scenarios that could potentially go wrong, make sure you patch up these security holes immediately.[/pullquote] Not doing so and you might find out later that you forgot to do that and thus putting your cash and transit personnel at risk.

Thorough risk assessment and taking the appropriate security measurements is key to a safe money transit operation.


Always make sure that the company you consider hiring to handle your cash transit are licensed and ask them to show any certificates connected to it. Should they, for some reason, not be able to produce a legitimate license then you should under no circumstances use their services. If you do you can most likely expect that something will go wrong and cause you a lot of headache.

It’s not uncommon that cash transit companies lure people into a scam only to disappear with the client’s money or other valuable assets. It’s not difficult to understand that this is a serious risk and should be avoided at all cost.

If the company in question are complying with your request to see their license and any certificates that you require they have, the risk for loss is considerably lower.

Providing Risk Insurance

Always ask for risk insurance in order to limit the risk of scams. This is one of the most important requirements you should request when looking for a cash transit company. Not only will it add security to the transit itself, it will also add peace of mind to you, the client. If a cash transit company is able to provide you with risk insurance then you can guarantee that the company has the safety and security procedures necessary to do so.

A company that provides risk insurance can be trusted and should be at the top of your list when choosing a cash transit company.

Keeping Things Under Cover

Most cash transit companies keep their transits under cover. This is one reason why you don’t see cash delivery men on the street too often. It’s a tactic that most legitimate cash transit companies utilize in order to limit the risk of robbery or theft. If you think this is sketchy, you shouldn’t. It’s a perfectly standard procedure and it has proven to be a really successful one.

There are, of course, transit companies that still use a uniform and a transit company van when collecting or delivering cash deposits. However, this procedure is rapidly becoming less and less utilized.

Having Sufficient Armor For Protection

It’s easy to understand that transferring money between two location is always a risk, however, one should also understand that cash transits also put the delivery person at risk. Research has shown that adding the adequate level of protection in the form of armor significantly increases the security of the delivery personnel. This, of course, helps them stay protected in the situation of a robbery.

The importance of sufficient armor is not only important for the protection of the valuables being transferred but is also an important security measure for the delivery personnel.


You shouldn’t be surprised when you see that every single cash transit company available tries to convince you that your valuables will be absolutely safe. It is after all their business. However, you can not blindly trust their word for it. It’s incredibly important that you do you your research and that you ask for the necessary paperwork before you decide which cash transit company you should trust your money to.

Let this simple guide be your first go-to checklist and you will have a greater chance of always keeping your money and valuables safe and secure.

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