ClearObject Partnership With IUPUI Institute Offers Collaboration, R&D, And Internship Opportunities

A unique ClearObject partnership between the leader in digital innovation and a top academic institute is providing students and faculty with new learning opportunities and collaborations.

ClearObject, which helps companies build digital products using artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud, and data analytics, has entered a partnership with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis on what is designed to provide powerful insights, information, and collaborations.

The new partnership, announced in May 2021, is with the university’s Institute of Integrative AI, which includes the School of Engineering and Technology, the School of Informatics and Computing, and the School of Science. It’s designed to provide faculty and students with real-world use cases using some of the most cutting-edge technologies that are transforming industries rapidly.

The institute shapes educational programs at both Indiana University and Purdue University, both of which are located at IUPUI. As an active research institute, students and faculty are able to research AI technology and build solutions in learning environments and in the working world.

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ClearObject Partnership Provides Insights, R&D Collaborations

The latest ClearObject partnership will provide a host of opportunities for students and faculty at IUPUI, including offering internship opportunities, information sessions, and on-campus seminars. In addition, the company and the university will establish research and development collaborations that will be available to on-campus research teams.

The Institute of Integrative AI looks to integrate quickly emerging AI technology into a variety of career opportunities and educational formats. The partnership with ClearObject allows an industry leader to help shape the curriculum and provide real-world experiences. ClearObject will influence new bachelor’s degrees in artificial intelligence while offering access to industry work outside of the classroom.

Much of the growth in the software industry today can be attributed to artificial intelligence, noted Ben Frame, vice president of digital products at ClearObject. AI is at the heart of the products it creates for its customers.

The ClearObject partnership with IUPUI, Frame said, provides a valuable resource, bringing AI expertise and skilled talent that will help the company grow in the coming years.

Shiafen Fang, director of the Institute of Integrated AI, believes the ClearObject partnership is important for the university’s students and its future. Such collaborations help the institute to remain relevant and viable through a connection with a strong industry leader. Because ClearObject serves customers in both the public and private sectors, students can gain insights and experience working with different types of projects and organizations.

Industry engagement with a strong partner like ClearObject is invaluable and essential, Fang noted.

In the summer of 2021, ClearObject offered a data science internship to IUPUI students. The internship, based on the company’s digital project team, allows students to use customer data to develop solutions for ClearObject customers. As an example, the intern will build algorithms to process image data to derive insights for customers.

About ClearObject

ClearObject, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, helps businesses create digital products. Using technologies including the cloud, the Internet of Things, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, ClearObject transforms customer data into valuable business outcomes. ClearObject partners with Google and IBM to provide project management, development, and implementation services that deliver fast, transformative results to its customers.

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