Connor Shelenfontiuk’s Course Review – Is Project Pioneer Legit?

“The Project Pioneer” from Connor Shelenfontiuk is a step-by-step e-commerce course that teaches you how to design and launch your own successful e-commerce site. In this review I’ll tell you if it’s worth it for your business, and whether or not it’s going to make you money.

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Project Pioneer Review – What It Is And What It Isn’t

What Is The Project Pioneer?

The Project Pioneer is basically a comprehensive dropshipping setup course. It includes everything you need to get up and running as an online entrepreneur in just minutes once you join their program.

They have over 75+ different video lessons that cover all aspects of starting a dropshipping business. So basically they offer you everything you’ll ever need to build your online store without having to spend hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure out where to put it yourself.

Who’s The Founder? (Connor Shelefontiuk)

Connor Shelefontiuk is an online entrepreneur who has been working on building his online presence for a couple of years now.

Connor has been featured on several media platforms such as Forbes, Business Insider, and Huffington Post. He launched The Project Pioneer in 2021, with the idea of creating a blueprint for small businesses and entrepreneurs with a focus on helping them to grow and expand their dropshipping businesses.

He also runs a YouTube channel where he vlogs his experiences in business and life.

How Does The Project Pioneer Work?

Once you purchase the course, you can access every single module of the project. You’re able to learn at your own pace and whenever you want. It’s like having an expert coach right beside you every step of the way.

It includes:

  • A detailed guide on how to set up your website
  • Lots of easy-to-follow video tutorials to show you exactly what to do
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to find profitable products and sell them
  • A list of proven strategies for getting more traffic
  • One-to-one mentoring with Connor

What Can You Expect To Learn Inside Project Pioneer?

The Project Pioneer training program contains 9 modules with over 75 videos. Each module covers a different topic, and they are listed below.

Module 1 – Introduction To Dropshipping & E-commerce

This module will teach you about dropshipping, why it works, and how it can help you build an online business. You’ll learn about how to start selling online using Amazon FBA. You’ll also be introduced to other popular marketplaces like Shopify (there are services that can help you create an automated online store for you on Shopify).

Module 2 – Setting Up Your Online Business

This module will teach how to set up your store, create a Facebook ad campaign, and use Google Adwords. You’ll also learn how to choose the best product categories for your store.

Module 3 – How To Find Products To Sell

This module will teach about finding high-quality products to sell online. You’ll discover the most effective ways to source products from the US, China, Australia, India, and other places. I particularly enjoy Connor’s teaching style. He breaks down the learning process into manageable pieces so that newbies don’t get overwhelmed at any given moment. At the end of each lesson, he shows you how to create a winning product page for your products.

Module 4 – Facebook Ads Testing

In this module, Connor covers the importance of structured FB Ads testing, including the importance of setting goals and targets. Then he shows you a detailed demo so that you can set up your own testing campaigns. And finally, he includes a video tutorial on how to analyze and optimize. It‘s a short module but still packed with knowledge.

Module 5 – Optimize Your Marketing Assets

Ads are at the center of any online business. They are how businesses bring customers into the fold. Whether you have built a huge following and want to start making money off of them, or whether you want to create a new brand and need to attract people who may have never heard of your company before, ads are the way to go.

In this module, Connor will teach you:

  • How to make sure you are using the most efficient form of advertising
  • How you can use your advertising dollars to maximize profits, while also increasing your chances of getting maximum exposure for your brand
  • And how you can increase the likelihood of people clicking on your ad, so that you don’t waste any money

Module 6 – Scale Your Dropshipping Business

Now that you know how to calculate ROI and set your profit margin, it’s time to start making money! But before you go out there and make a million dollars, you need to learn how to scale your business so you can afford to do that. In this sixth module, Connor will cover several different methods of scaling, including budget scaling, audience scaling, and ad scaling.

Module 7 – Rinse & Repeat

Rinse and Repeat is a very important concept when it comes to marketing, and you’ll learn all about it in this quick module. As your business grows, so does your knowledge base. With this knowledge, you can make better decisions. These new decisions can lead to new products that generate more sales than your previous efforts.

Module 8 – Use Email & SMS Marketing

Paid traffic is expensive. So if you can create a subscriber base by using other channels such as email and SMS, then you can save money. You can also use abandoned cart retargeting to generate revenue. And finally, this module focuses on the best tools, flows, and strategies to run email and SMS marketing campaigns successfully.

Bonus Module

There is also a bonus module at the end of the course. As a refresher, there are videos showing how to set up landing pages, banner ads, blog posts, social media profiles, etc. It will be a good refresher before you start your journey.

Why Should You Join Project Pioneer?

There are two main reasons why people choose to join Connor Shelefontiuk’s Project Pioneer course:

1. They know that there are many other dropshipping blueprints available, but they don’t understand them because of the complexity involved.

With the Project Pioneer program, you won’t need any technical expertise to set up an eStore. All you do is click through the steps and you’re done!

2. There are lots of other courses out there that only teach you half of what you need to know about setting up a dropshipping business. But inside Connor’s Project Pioneer course, you receive everything you need to know.

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